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Mag Mile Foot and Ankle Institute

Ty Hussain, DPM

Podiatric Medicine is the art of healing all foot and ankle ailments. Thousands of Chicagoans do not address the problems with their feet until it becomes a necessity. Dr. Ty Hussain is among Chicago’s finest foot and ankle reconstructive surgeons, who believes educating a patient is more important than the treatment. At the Centers for Bunion Correction, he has employed a philosophy of teaching patients what their issue is, and how to initiate any methodology of treatment. Dr. Hussain has been serving the Northshore and Chicagoland area for over twenty years with his expertise in foot and ankle ailments, and more specifically with treating the difference between a true bunion deformity of the big toe joint versus an arthritic big toe joint.

As a native to Chicago, Dr. Hussain obtained his training in his hometown. He has been honored to be involved in multiple lecturing seminars to promote the visibility of podiatric medicine and the specialty of training future physicians. Dr. Hussain has been at multiple athletic events, including the Chicago Marathon and multiple 5K and 10K events, where he treats the athletes with their foot problems from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, or joint abnormalities that require correction, allowing the athletes to resume what they love to do best.

Dr. Hussain’s outstanding reputation has distinguished him within his field as an expert teacher in promoting patient understanding and coordinating the proper care. His patients benefit with the knowledge they need with the application of the latest technology available. Each treatment is patient specific, and geared for what is best. Dr. Hussain’s experience allows him to understand patients and their lifestyle needs, especially when it comes to reconstructive foot surgery or injuries that require time to heal. Understanding common problems, such as ingrown toenails, callouses, corns, bunions, hammertoes, warts, heel pain, running or sports related injuries need for orthotics, and the most common condition that most ignore-fungal toenails, requires knowing the patient’s lifestyle parameters to recommend the best option of treatment.

Dr. Hussain and his team are here to provide the advice you need along with the compassionate care, and personal touch with innovative treatment options. When you have a concern with your foot and ankle issues, a consultation is never a wrong decision. He is conveniently located in Chicago Loop and the Northshore for all your foot and ankle related needs. We invite you to learn more at chicagodpm.com.


Evanston Podiatric Surgeons
2500 Ridge Ave., Ste. 110
Evanston, IL 60201

Mag Mile Foot & Ankle Institute
333 N. Michigan Ave. Ste., 1825
Chicago, IL 60601

“The Bunion Correction Center”

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