6 months

The Best Cars for Chicagoans

Icy roads, brutal summers, horrible traffic, and high gas prices: Chicago is a rough place to drive. But there are nine 2014 cars that make a ride around the city feel pretty fantastic.

7 months

Jahlil Okafor Is On His Way Up

High-school basketball phenom Jahlil Okafor—a sure-fire NBA lottery pick—is a monster on the court. But to understand what drives him, you have to meet his dad. And know what happened to his mother.

8 months

Michael Madigan Is the King of Illinois

The Democrat has ruled the statehouse for decades. At age 71, he’s as powerful as ever. But his latest moves make you wonder: What does Madigan really want?

10 months

The Insiders’ Guide to Art This Fall

Chicago surveyed 26 artists, collectors, curators, and gallerists to take the pulse of the city’s art scene. They revealed what shows to see, what to wear to them, where to pick up artists, and Chicago’s next art star.