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Orlando Espinoza - The Modernist

Michelle Tan - The Deconstructionist | Pierre Colorado - The Sportswear Whiz
Sam Kori George - The Customer | Orlando Espinoza - The Modernist

"Clean and sleek. I'm never going to overembellish."

“My plan is always to experiment with new shapes, to combine fabrics, and to produce interesting textures. I want to design transcending styles that stimulate a woman’s desire to dress up.”

“You have that futuristic look competing with a feminine girl look this season—Balenciaga going against Louis Vuitton.”

“I love what Balenciaga is doing. We have to face the fact that we’re looking into the future. We need to push forward just as they did in the fifties and sixties. We need looks that someday we’ll say, ‘That was the 2010 look.’”

“It’s nice to know about design, but if you’re going to open your own company, you better have some production background.”

“You don’t see [cattiness] here in Chicago. I have a great relationship with Michelle Tan and Maria Pinto. No one used to know each other, but that has changed completely.”

“One of my clients wore a dress of mine to an event where she saw Oprah, and Oprah told her, ‘Your dress is so beautiful.’”

Espinoza's designs are available at Malabar, 1880 North Damen Avenue, 773-321-6685; www.orlandoespinoza.com.

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