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Ten Chicagocentric applications that make Apple’s iPhone an on-the-go guide for exploring the city

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DUBBELE.COM // $1.99  The best thing we can say about the Chicago map from is that you can use it to mark where you parked your car. Otherwise, skip this app—and those by other mapmakers who claim to offer a street-level view of the city. How bad is’s Chicago app? When we used it to find a bar near an address in Ukrainian Village, it offered a few several miles away but none within walking distance. Hello, this is Chicago.

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The Steve Dahl Show
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WIZZARD MEDIA // $2.99  Steve Dahl’s website features a blog, a podcast, a Twitter feed, a link to his Chicago Tribune column, and, of course, a store. Now he’s got the Steve Dahl Show app, through which he pipes a weekday podcast. Each podcast includes a brief description of the content (the day’s guests and usually a past Dahl radio triumph of some sort). Not much else offered—unless you want wallpaper of Dahl’s logo for your iPhone.

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