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Biba Golic


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GALLERY: Singles 2008

30 years old // Professional table tennis player, ranked among the top ten in the United States // Raised in Senta, Serbia; lives in Hyde Park

My proudest moment was winning a gold medal in the Mediterranean Games.* But some days I think about chucking it all and becoming a portrait painter on Montmartre. // In the United States, table tennis is more about show business, and people play for recreation. In Serbia, if people play some sort of sport, they're doing it because they're hoping to achieve something, maybe become a professional athlete. // Before a match, you have two minutes to warm up, and in those two minutes, you're trying to see how your opponent reacts to different types of shots, how she moves around the table, what's her better side. Since each match is short, things can change very fast. You have to be focused on each point. // A strong shot can go 70 to 80 miles per hour, which we call a smash shot. My style is offensive all around. Lots of attacks. // The one thing a date should never do is try to impress me. 

* In 2001 in Tunisia, in the table tennis doubles bracket with her partner, Gordana Plavsic


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