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Brian Spaly


VIDEO: The Men

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SLIDESHOW: Behind the Scenes at the Photo Shoot

GALLERY: Singles 2008

31 years old // Founder and designer of Bonobos Pants // Raised in Ann Arbor; lives in Lincoln Park

I have always had trouble finding pants that fit. I spent a whole lifetime playing sports and training for triathlons* and I have a really big butt. // I'm a can-do, do-it-yourself-type person, so I started sewing my own pants. When everyone else** was searching for the next great Web scheme, I decided to sell pants out of the back of my car. I think what I unearthed is that men actually do like to wear funky stuff.*** // My Achilles' heel with dating is that the girl has to be athletic. I'm dying to meet someone at a yoga class—someone who is proactive about reducing her stress level. // I never understood why people watch television. There are so many more interesting things to do in the world. // I've lived on both coasts, but Chicago is much more down to earth. It feels more like America. 

* Brian played soccer and squash at Princeton and finished in the top 10 percent of the 2005 Ironman Canada.  ** Brian's classmates at Stanford Business School.  *** Bonobos' best-selling pants are turquoise and pink.


Belt, shirt, and pants by Bonobos; Horn Speaker from Specimen Guitars

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