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Dubhe Carreño


VIDEO: The Men

VIDEO: The Women

SLIDESHOW: Behind the Scenes at the Photo Shoot

GALLERY: Singles 2008

33 years old // Owner of Dubhe Carreño Gallery // Raised in Caracas, Venezuela; lives in Pilsen

I feel more like myself in English than in Spanish. I think it has to do with the fact that I've only been an adult here.* Whoever I became, I became in English. // I'm not a person to have a plan B. When I was a dancer, I never thought I could do anything else. But I'm such a perfectionist, since my leg wasn't up to my ear and I wasn't able to do 24 pirouettes, I decided to make a change.** // My work became very figurative, a continuation of dance. It was all about legs and arms and body expression. Whatever passion I had left over from dance, I threw it into clay. // To have the ability to contribute to other artists' careers is a responsibility. It's like when you hear a really good song and you want somebody else to listen to it. // I'll never date someone who doesn't smell good.

* Dubhe came to the United States at age 18 to study dance and English . . .  ** . . . but ended up switching to art, with a concentration in ceramics. Today she represents other sculptors and ceramicists at her Pilsen gallery

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