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27 years old // NBC5 meteorologist and "Going Green" correspondent // Grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan; lives in Wrigleyville

I chose this career because I saw a waterspout on Lake Michigan when I was eight. My mom told us to get inside, but I was mesmerized. I really thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. // I had a good e-mail the other day: "Tell that Ginger Zee to wipe that smug smile off her face. I bet she doesn't have to shovel snow." I've shoveled. I've shoveled other things, too. // Going through high school, I never wore makeup. I'd never even had my hair cut at a salon. My best friend used to cut it. I was a full-on mess.* // It's funny, because I think about how I used to live, and I realize it was fuzzier, slower.** Your whole world is different. I just thought I was laid-back. // The "Ginger" part of my name? My father didn't know English when he came here,*** so he'd watch Gilligan's Island all the time. Ginger taught him English.

* Ginger, who grew up on a farm in western Michigan, went on to become homecoming queen.  ** At 21, Ginger learned she was narcoleptic.  *** From Amsterdam