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Roslyn Dulyapaibul


VIDEO: The Men

VIDEO: The Women

SLIDESHOW: Behind the Scenes at the Photo Shoot

GALLERY: Singles 2008

28 years old // Owner of the Bucktown boutique Roslyn // Raised in Lincoln Park; lives in River North

I truly love the art and business side of fashion. Clothing has a great impact on a person's self-esteem and attitude. I help people become confident. // My proudest moment came when I opened the doors to my boutique, with all of my friends and family there to share in the experience. It feels incredible to finally have a store of my own where I get to make all the decisions. // Sometimes, though, I think about becoming a freelance photographer. It's one of my great passions. // I like the high/low of everyday life: a nice hotel in Italy and a hostel in Argentina; dive bars and lounges. I appreciate the beauty of life on all levels. // I understand enjoying the comforts of home, but I've found that the more I travel the world, the closer I am to finding myself. I'll never have enough stamps in my passport.* // I don't enjoy wearing heels but I do anyway because—let's face it—Converse sneakers don't always work at the bar. 

* She has 36 stamps so far.



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