It’s Cocktail Hour for Lillet

A legendary apéritif enjoys another moment in the sun

Jardin de Podensac from Bernard’s Bar
Jardin de Podensac from Bernard’s Bar

James Bond loves it. So does Hannibal Lecter. And plenty of actual people, too. Lillet, maker of every Francophile’s favorite apéritif, has introduced a rosé iteration to complement Lillet Blanc and Lillet Rouge. The rosé combines grapes used in the white version with a splash of Lillet Rouge and a citrus-liqueur blend. The taste? A summery je ne sais quoi. Bottles are turning up everywhere from Perennial Virant to Paris Club, and just as Lillet Blanc once slipped into the classic Vesper martini, Lillet Rose cozies up to cocktails. HIGHBALL LOUNGE stirs its version with Scottish gin, citrus, and crème de cacao in the Alternative Asset ($11; 738 N. Clark St., 312-397-1961). SABLE makes a Maschalismo Cobbler ($13; 505 N. State St., 312-755-9704) with curaçao liqueur, absinthe, rosemary honey, and prosecco. The dreamiest is the Jardin de Podensac at BERNARD’S BAR ($14; 11 E. Walton St., 312-646-1300), which bouquets lavender-infused gin, Aperol, grapefruit, and lemon and adds a rose petal to tickle your nose.


Photograph: Anna Knott



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