Tavi Gevinson, the New Queen of Media?

The teenage blogger, style icon, singer, and magazine editor eyes a new target: Hollywood.

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Tavi's style revolution
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She’s been putting herself out there for years now, ever since she started the offbeat fashion blog Style Rookie from her bedroom in 2008. Her observations were honest, funny, and deftly written, and the blog quickly caught the attention of Harper’s Bazaar, which made her a contributor. Traveling with her father, she jetted from Chicago to the front row of fashion shows in New York and Europe. But in the midst of the Tavi-mania, a growing fascination with a new set of subjects—outsider art, feminism, gender identity, and media—eclipsed her interest in fashion. Thus, Rookie.

In September 2011, Rookie hit more than a million page views within six days of its launch. Content ranges from discussions of Joan Didion’s writing to sex and relationship questions answered by the likes of actors Paul Rudd and Jon Hamm. There are tutorials on how to wear red lipstick and how to look like you weren’t just crying in less than five minutes. Fashion stories feature models of various shapes and sizes wearing everything from haute couture to vintage Wrangler jean jackets.

While managing a staff that includes editors more than twice her age, Gevinson has also found time to dabble in music. She recorded her first song, a cover of Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold,” for the animated short Cadaver, which debuted in January of this year. She occasionally uploads videos to YouTube, like her cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You,” dedicated to The Office’s Mindy Kaling (she’s a fan). And in her free time, she sings and plays guitar in a rock band with friends.

With her passions seeming to change by the hour, Gevinson is still unsure where she’ll end up.

“Right now I think I’ll probably want to make movies when I grow up—writing, acting,” she said as she devoured a Belgian waffle with berries and whipped cream.

One thing she is sure of: It’s time to move on from her style roots. “I feel like the golden era of fashion blogging is over.”

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2 years ago
Posted by ypno92

whoa, see what some persistence does?
and you got journalist graduates who complain about not finding work.
they could learn a thing or two from this 16 year old.

2 years ago
Posted by laurazak

After I shoo away my initial feelings of envy and a hyper-awareness of my comparative laziness, I'm left only with admiration for Tavi's originality and seeming sincerity. I'm glad she's a role model for girls and proof that smart is in style.

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