The Chaser

February 2010

4 years

Fun Is Bowling, or, What’s a Vodka Robot?

We used to drive by this one bowling alley all the time when I was growing up, and their sign said it all: Fun Is Bowling. The letters were tall and yellow against dull brown siding, with a smiley face tacked on the end for good measure. The message was simple but true: Fun is bowling.

Especially tailored to my personal requirements is the phenomenon of fancy bowling—you know, those…

5 years

Three for Thursday: JBar, LaSalle Power Co., and The Underground

Did I ever tell you Thursday is my favorite night out? There’s always something to do, but without the fun! fun! fun! pressure of a Friday or Saturday. And yet, all that delicious weekend anticipation remains intact. If you happen to celebrate a tad too late, it’s a good excuse to take a personal day and enjoy a spontaneously expanded weekend…