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Who Will Do Better

Projected growth in median family income between 2005 and 2010, Chicago metropolitan area

While it's no surprise that wealthy areas such as Lake Forest and Lincoln Park are expected to be among the income growth leaders in the Chicago metropolitan area, some of the more interesting developments are in a few lower-income communities, especially in the city. Driving growth in those areas are "tremendous changes in the way land is being used, which has, as a result produced a lot of new housing and more people with higher wages moving in," says Andrew Williams-Clark, a community development consultant with Metro Chicago Information Center (MCIC), a not-for-profit research and consulting organization.

chart of projected family income for Chicago

In what Williams-Clark calls the "greater Bronzeville area," which includes Oakland, the demolition of public housing has spurred redevelopment and an influx of more affluent residents. Similar transformation has occurred on the Near South Side, where once unsightly railroad yards have been supplanted by upscale neighborhoods, and on the Near West Side, where the area surrounding the University of Illinois at Chicago is booming.

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