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In & Out Resources


Ann Nathan Gallery, 212 West Superior Street; 312-664-6622. The mirror by Richard Kooyman.

City Escape, 3022 West Lake Street; 773-638-2000. The water plants, the calla lily plants, and the Italian pottery containers in the office and in the garden.

Crate & Barrel, 646 North Michigan Avenue, 312-787-5900; 850 West North Avenue, 312-573-9800; 1864 North Clybourn Avenue, 312-787-4775. The table and chairs in the garden.

Decorá kitchen cabinets, decoracabinets.com.

Douglas Dawson Gallery, 400 North Morgan Street; 312-226-7975. In the living room, the two chaises from Burkina Faso in West Africa. On the side chest, anklet sculptures from Baule, Ivory Coast. On the floor stand, Zulu woman's orange hat from South Africa. On the dining-room table, currency sculptures from the Chamba culture, Nigeria/Cameroon. On the kitchen counter, Tumi copper blade sculptures from Peru. On the mantel, incised earthenware Mississippian vessel and cast-bronze currency coil, Ibo culture, Nigeria.

Florian Architects (Paul Florian, principal),

432 North Clark Street; 312-670-2220. Spatial planning.

Jane Weber, Ink!, 900 North Michigan Avenue; 312-642-0747. Orange and red place cards, green envelopes, Jamie Ostrow orange stationery, Raika orange and green leather photo books.

Luminaire, 301 West Superior Street; 312-664-9582. On the kitchen island, the tall vase in poppy and the red leather woven bowl.

Room & Board, 55 East Ohio Street; 312-222-0970. The sofa and chairs in the living room.

Soupcan, 1500 South Western Avenue; 312-243-6928. Cold-rolled steel, zinc countertops, bookshelves, and stairs.

Tabula Tua, 1015 West Armitage Avenue; 773-525-6590. On the kitchen counter, porcelain noodle bowls in red, orange, and safari. In the garden, place mat, napkins, Luciano pewter pitcher, Fern & Frond glass, and Meadow glass.

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