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Ethics Probe

Did Amy Jacobson’s visit to Craig Stebic’s house and pool cross an ethical line? As this smattering of professional opinions (some of them slightly edited for space) shows, there are many different ways to judge a swimsuit.



Sun-Times cover of Amy Jacobson story

“I went to Scott Peterson’s door and knocked on his door to try and get him to do an interview. I can assure you I would not have taken off my top and decided to hang out and swim a few laps with him. I mean . . .  it’s almost that it’s common sense. . . .”
–Dan Abrams, July 10, 2007, speaking on Live with Dan Abrams on MSNBC

“Unless you’re a beach volleyball player, work should not be conducted in a bikini.”
–Neal Rubin, columnist, The Detroit News, writing in his column on July 16, 2007


“Her going to Stebic’s home for a pool party with her children doesn’t seem unethical to me. . . . [It] certainly was unwise and unprofessional.”
 –Tim McNulty, then public editor of the Chicago Tribune, writing in his column on July 16, 2007

“Jacobson should have known better than to put herself into a situation that looked so dodgy. . . . But when you make an honest mistake that hurts no one . . . you do not deserve to lose your job.”
–Eric Zorn, columnist, writing in his Chicago Tribune column July 12, 2007


“If getting into a bathing suit is covering the story, I guess that might be OK. She has to weigh the information she is going to get against questions that will be raised [by those] who see her behavior. I don’t know the value of the information she might get for her story.”
–Felix Gutierrez, journalism professor, University of Southern California, quoted in the Sun-Times, July 11, 2007

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