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Michelle Tan - The Deconstructionist

Michelle Tan - The Deconstructionist | Pierre Colorado - The Sportswear Whiz
Sam Kori George - The Customer | Orlando Espinoza - The Modernist

"I always say that life isn't perfect, you're going to have a thread hanging out."

“Every season I begin with the same philosophy—I think about women who want to look cool and have things that

no one has, and then this season I was thinking about movement and volume. The shirts will have details like multilayers of pleats. But there will also be eyelet shirts and simple dresses. And of course, lots of unfinished details.”

“I live in jeans.”

“I’m glad that I live at home with my parents [in Bridgeport]. Otherwise I would never see my family. I have friends I haven’t seen for six months.”

“I opened my own store in June 2006. It’s surviving and

sustaining itself, but it’s a huge responsibility. The benefit is

that I’m in there with the customer. I think about real bodies now, not ‘How will this look on a model who’s a size two?’”

“I complain that I have nothing to wear, and my friends are like, ‘You have your own store!’”

Tan’s designs are available at Michelle Tan, 1872 North Damen Avenue; 773-252-1888.

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