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ParkWhiz.com allows you to reserve and prepay (with a 10 percent commission tacked on) for parking spots at participating garages in Chicago and lists locations and prices for most nonparticipating garages. To find a spot, type in your destination and the times you plan to park and return to your car. Those who own spare parking spaces can also list them and maybe make a few bucks.

Chicagoland Bicycle Federation's Web site, BikeTraffic.org, is filled with news, events, tips, and educational resources for area cyclists.

CTA-related headlines, in-depth data, and historical photos of trains, maps, stations, and lines that make up the second-largest U.S. transit system. Any CTA addict (you know who you are) will be in utter bliss at chicago-l.org.

CTATattler.com is the place to go to vent some spleen regarding the CTA. The site offers news on  individual train delays and analysis of the endless, slow-motion financial problems. Users can also send and receive news alerts by cell phone.

Traffic.com provides traffic reports, congestion maps, and weather in your browser, streamed to your desktop, by an automated phone call, or as text messages to your mobile device.

A great resource for mass transit users, TripsWeb.RTAChicago.com lets you type in your starting address and your destination and find what buses or trains to take and when you'll get there, customized for fewer transfers or less walking.

Reserve a van to O'Hare or Midway online—no hassles with taxis, public transit, or operators. It's cheaper than a cab, and no credit card is required. A downside: They don't pick up everywhere inside Chicago. (Most suburbs are covered.) (airport express.hudsonltd.net/res)


For low-planning getaways, EnjoyIllinois.com highlights destinations such as Dickson Mounds Museum, Cave-in-Rock State Park's limestone cave, and the birthplace of Carl Sandburg.


Blagica Stefanovski's blog GalsGuide.com gives firsthand advice and opinions on news, YouTube videos, saving money, budget shopping, dating, and the lives of Chicago 20-somethings.  

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