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Time Less Well Spent

Besides the useful sites listed in this article, local Web culture offers several others that are just good for leisurely browsing. Here are a few.


OverheardInChicago.blogspot.com publishes anonymous posts about conversations and comments overheard in Chicago, which range from the inane to the bizarre: ". . . and all you see is a bunch of teeth flying. It was like a tooth ATM in his mouth and someone just took out a HUGE withdrawal."

Chicago blogger "Mimi Smartypants" started posting in 1999 as a 20-something, five-foot-one, childless wife. Now, as a 30-something mother, she writes her self-deprecating, provocative, and sometimes explicit shorts at Smartypants.Diaryland.com. Topics include advice for new-parent goldfish and the pornography of C-SPAN.

The Second City comedy troupe's site houses vintage footage of Bill Murray, Alan Arkin, Avery Schreiber, and a slew of other comedians from its past. The archive also stores interviews on technique and history. Go to SecondCity.com; then click on History & Alumni, then Portable Media Center.

Tiffany, a.k.a. "Nacho Underpants," is a married Chicago suburbanite who blogs at TurkeySandwich.wordpress.com. Cynical and sarcastic, she writes about topics such as her memories of being an Olive Garden waitress and her disgust with grocery-store-entrance fundraisers, which make her "want to go in, get [her] bottle of rum, and get the hell home."

Hopeful Chicagoans who see someone for a fleeting moment and think they've spotted the love of their life post at the Missed Connections section of the local branch of Craig's List. View the forlorn, desperate, sweet, bitter, creepy, sappy, fawning, and strangely poetic at Chicago.CraigsList.org/mis.

Illustration: Quickhoney

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