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Singular Celebrations - Part 2

Order In The Court

wedding ring illustration

Bridesmaids’ dresses have long been a disappointment, leaving the women who wear them feeling gloomy on a day that is supposed to be joyous. To correct that inequity, Thread has committed itself to taking bridesmaids’ dresses to a new level of elegance. Most of the brand’s 75 styles are designed to reflect the trends in ready-to-wear fashion. There are a number of fabrics to choose from, and among the au courant colors are champagne, sapphire blue, and mocha. Thread is available at Ultimate Bride, 106 East Oak Street; 312-337-6300. Prices from $225 to $480.

Jenny Yoo Collection, a show room under the radar at the moment, offers a large selection of made-to-order bridesmaids’ dresses. The designer recommends having a bride select the color, fabric, and even the length of the dresses for her court but allowing each attendant to choose the style that is most comfortable for her. Jenny Yoo Collection, 730 North Franklin Street; 312-642-2327. Prices from $240.

For an otherworldly touch, consider having bridesmaids’ dresses and groom’s and groomsmen’s shirts made from sari fabric. Sahil offers a vibrant pink velvet encrusted with Swarovski crystals and a hand-embroidered silk crepe in a midnight blue-green. The shop will also make hand-cut raw silk shirts and coordinating ties. With a number of designers and tailors on staff, Sahil considers its establishment a one-stop bridal shop. Sahil, 2605 West Devon Avenue; 773-338-3636. Prices from $100 to $10,000.


With This Ring

wedding flower illustration

The traditional symbols of commitment are among the items that couples most often choose to customize. Lester Lampert, the award-winning family jewelry business founded in 1920, is well known for helping them accomplish that. Couples discuss their preferences with a designer and view an array of precious stones and metals before making a decision. The philosophy at Lester Lampert is to satisfy the couple but also to achieve a timeless work of art. Lester Lampert, 57 East Oak Street; 312-944-6888. Prices from $1,500.

Tammy Kohl, the owner and designer of Taköhl, brings her own approach to personalizing jewelry. To get acquainted with a couple, she asks them for ten adjectives that describe themselves, their lifestyles, ambitions, likes and dislikes, and symbols that are important to them. She has even visited clients’ homes to familiarize herself with their taste in design and art. Kohl will work with any stone or metal, but one of her signature rings is made of platinum or gold mixed with meteorite, which gives a masculine brushed-metal look to rings that both men and women love. Taköhl, 110 North Peoria Street; 312-421-6222. Prices from $700.


In Full Bloom

For their beauty and their alluring scent, flowers are an especially important part of a wedding and should be selected as carefully as any accessory. From the start, Kehoe Designs intends to make every wedding personally meaningful, and many couples choose the shop because of its eco-chic philosophy. The flowers are modern and sophisticated, but the designers are environmentally conscious and recycle 90 percent of all the materials they use. They understand the aesthetics of tradition but also try to add an edge of innovation. Kehoe will also outfit entire rooms—with furniture, chandeliers, and Oriental rugs—for wedding receptions. Kehoe Designs, 2108 West Walnut Street; 312-421-0030. From $250 to $400 for bouquets; from $250 for centerpieces.

At Mudd Fleur, the designers take a straightforward approach to brides and weddings, believing that it is best to let the flowers stand on their own. Their simple and elegant arrangements are what attract so many clients to this boutique. Mudd Fleur will also design chupas—and just about anything else that a bride might want. Recently, a bride from Russia asked to have a giant floral elephant—a sign of good luck—created for the entrance of the reception. The shop’s designers complied happily. Mudd Fleur, 66 East Walton Street; 312-337-6833. From $125 to $2,000 for centerpieces; from $125 to $250 for bouquets.

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