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The Best of Craigslist-Chicago: Inauguration Edition

Want a ticket to the Inauguration? Or a ride to Washington? How about a book that tells you the best places to pee during the event? Here are snippets from Inauguration-related postings on Craigslist-Chicago. Click on the link to see the complete post and pictures.

Looking for a date to the Illinois Inaugural Gala in D.C. on Jan 19th - m4w - 28 (Chicago)
"I am looking for a date to the Illinois Society Inauguration Gala next Monday, January 19th, in Washington D.C. I am traveling to D.C. alone, but would like to enjoy every aspect of the historic occasion. Therefore, I am hoping to find a female, age 25-32, to accompany me... The event is a formal affair, so please be prepared to wear an evening gown. Please email me and let me know a little about yourself if you are interested..."
Stop Selling your Free Tickets to Inauguration (Anywhere, USA)
"America - Please STOP Selling the inauguration tickets that YOU received for FREE!!! You can't even use them, yet you want to take advantage of someone else who is able to go! That's not Obama's message! Be nice to someone else. Really, if you didn't have the tickets, would you be able to afford your own astronomical prices? I bet you wouldn't. I know it's tempting, but fight the temptation! Reach out and bless, touch, support your fellow American and let them participate too! PLEASE!! Come on! You can do it. Think of how warm and fuzzy you will feel once you do!"
One way from DC to Chicago 1/21 or 1/22 (Old Town)
"Please include Facebook profile or similar info in your reply (nothing shady, I just wanna know I'll have a pleasant drive home :) ). I'm a 29 y/o married male, progressive, politically active, volunteered with the campaign a bunch in MI and IN near the end. I don't smell."
16inch singing obama - $130 (chicago)
Envelope containing 1 Inauguration Swearing in ticket - $1 (Clark and Belmont Starbucks in Chicago)
"I am offering two envelopes. They both contain one DC Inauguration swearing in ticket (purple section). One envelope goes to the person that brings me the most valid signatures on a notarized Pete Dagher for Congress petition. The other envelope containing the Inauguration ticket goes to the 2nd place petition circulator."

anybody wanna watch Obama's Inauguration with me? - 23 (northside)
"So, I am a recent college grad and don't really have access to a tv - But, I was volunteering for Obama's presidential campaign almost from the very beginning, and so I really, really want to see the ceremony and eveything that goes with that... So, if you know where a television is, and are willing to share in my excitement...I would love to be with you during this beautiful, historic moment."

Need a ride to DC for Inauguration (Pilsen)
"Hi, My fiance and I are looking for a ride to DC for the inauguration. We are each 27 years old are interesting people who have money for gas. We don't smoke and we know at least 24 good jokes (that's more than one an hour for the whole drive there and back)."

Going to the Inauguration? (DC)
"If you're going to DC for the inauguration, you might want to pick up this guide: 'Where to Pee in DC: An Insider's Guide for the Inauguration.'"

Inaugural Oprah Tickets for a hug - $1
"I wore out my shoes canvasing, lost my voice making phone calls, and lost my breath on election night. I will brave the cold for a footprint in DC on Tuesday, and will give a hug for a ticket to Oprah at the Kennedy Center."

"I am selling the post-election day Washington Post documenting the victory of president-elect Barack Obama. I am asking $1000 for the paper and as an incentive I am throwing in TWO Silver section Inaugural Swearing-in ceremony tickets. Please note the tickets are not for sale, you can have them as a thank you for purchasing the paper."
Obama's Inauguration (USA) (chi)
"Obama's inauguration will cost no less than $150M. Who's paying for this? The whitehouse is saying part of the spending is from "emergency funding". What does that mean exactly? ... Are you liberals really this insane? Have you lost your mind? The USA cannot afford to pay $150M for a party. And there is nothing to celebrate! ... And by the way, I dont care if they are doing it for free, but Jay Z sucks ass and shouldn't be there."
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