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Chris Duhon

Chris Duhon, 22
Point guard, Chicago Bulls

Residence: River North

A basketball is a cherished possession to Chris Duhon. So much so that he sleeps with one every night before a game. “It’s something I started in college,” he says. “I want it there to have good thoughts when I go to bed.”

In his four years as one of Duke’s primary ball-handlers, Duhon led his team to the Final Four in his senior season and garnered enough attention to propel him to a number 38 pick in the 2004 NBA draft, and ultimately to a starting role with the Chicago Bulls.

Not bad for someone who once fancied himself a football star. “Everyone thought [football] would be my sport,” he says. But after he broke his collarbone in the eighth grade, his mother made him switch. “I was 100 pounds soaking wet back then. I’m surprised I didn’t hurt myself sooner.”

Raised by his mother in Slidell, Louisiana, a suburb about 30 miles outside New Orleans, Duhon is a self-proclaimed mama’s boy. “Which may explain why I can handle a chick flick,” he says with a laugh. “But really, I couldn’t have made it to where I am without her.”

While Duhon’s Bulls hardly resembled Michael Jordan’s teams of the 1990s, they did share one trait with those championship squads: the postseason, having secured their first playoff berth since the Jordan era. So what’s Duhon up to now that the season’s over? “I’m nesting,” he says with laugh. “I recently bought a place and I’m in desperate need of blinds and some furniture.”

And while Duhon admits he hasn’t been on a date since January, he’s open to the idea of meeting someone. “I need someone who can challenge me,” he says. “I get bored easily.” Anything else? “White pants. If a girl’s wearing them I just might ask her to marry me right then and there.”

Email Chris at cm_cduhon@yahoo.com

Photography by McArthurphotography.com

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