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Michelle Leigh

Michelle Leigh, 37
Fox meteorologist

Residence: Loop

Although she is plenty sunny each weekday on Fox News in the Morning, in person Michelle Leigh is quick to remind you of weather’s serious side. “Forecasting is calculus-based physics, mostly,” she says, flashing a mischievous smile. “A little hydrology. Some thermodynamics.”

Is it getting warmer in here?

Leigh grew up near St. Petersburg, Florida (great weather, she says, but a boring forecast). After graduating from the University of Florida, she landed a local weather job at a Florence, Alabama, station. She’s had her head in the clouds, so to speak, ever since. Now she’s one of Chicago media’s most recognizable faces.

“I love Chicago, and I really want to be an integral part of it,” she says.

Chicago’s firehouses reverently observe “Michellefest” each morning, and the department has even dubbed her its (honorary) “official meteorologist.”

“I’m extremely flattered,” Leigh says. “I love Chicago’s bravest.”
Dating a fireman a while back didn’t work out, but the firefighter’s mythic qualities of loyalty, courage, and soul top the checklist for her ideal match. “The right guy would be somebody who goes beyond the superficial, somebody with a grasp of how the world works,” she says. If he has a motorcycle, better still—she’ll let you know when the conditions are right.

Email Michelle at cm_mleigh@yahoo.com

Photography by McArthurphotography.com

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