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Sarah Krupa

Sarah Krupa, 27
Program assistant, Jewish United Fund

Residence: Gold Coast

“I consider myself the citified country girl,” says Sarah Krupa. And though she now lives in an apartment in the Gold Coast, there’s no denying her country side.

She grew up in Silver Creek, New York, population 3,000, in a home surrounded by forest, rolling hills, and vineyards. A creek ran through her backyard, and her father was an avid sportsman who to this day keeps hunting rifles in a living room cabinet. Young Sarah, meanwhile, was a cheerleader, and a homecoming and prom queen. Neighbors suspected the lively girl might move to the “big” city. That meant nearby Buffalo. “I had never been anywhere,” she says. “All of my family vacations were camping trips.”

Then came college at the University at Buffalo, and a touch of wanderlust. “I wanted to see a different life.” So when Krupa graduated in 2000, she turned an internship at a Buffalo TV station into a job as a production assistant on Chicago’s Jenny Jones Show.

When she tired of Jenny Jones, Krupa looked for other TV work but realized it would force her to leave Chicago. In October of 2001, she took a job in a community relations program at the Jewish United Fund. Never mind that Krupa was Catholic; the JUF saw an outgoing woman looking for a career change. Still, Krupa recently shot a pilot for a health and fitness show and admits that a TV career remains one of her dreams.

As does finding the right guy. Although she says “a wonderful sense of humor and a warm heart” are the qualities she looks for, Krupa adds that a little bit of camping, hunting, and fishing wouldn’t hurt.

“I would love to find someone who had that in their life,” she says. “But as long as they’re open to giving it a try with me and my family, that would be cool, too.”

Email Sarah at cm_skrupa@yahoo.com

Photography by McArthurphotography.com

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