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Caecilia Hubbard

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Caecilia Hubbard, 26
Lives in: West Graceland
Backstory: “People often jump to conclusions when they meet me,” says Hubbard, who deejays under the name Mother Hubbard. “They assume I am some uneducated wild and crazy party girl. Nights that I am not spinning at a club, I spend at home reading, playing video games, cooking, or watching hockey.” Raised in Austin, Texas, Hubbard grew up listening to classical music and played the French horn well enough to consider making it her career. She graduated from Loyola University with honors and now works with Life During Wartime, a music collective dedicated to promoting political awareness.
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What is your necessary extravagance?
Computer products or video games.

Favorite TV show?
Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network or Rome on HBO—depends on my mood.

Favorite magazine?
National Geographic.

Favorite Web site?

What CD is in heavy rotation right now?
T.I.’s “King.”

Item of clothing you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?
Ugg boots.

Item of clothing you can’t throw away?
A T-shirt from Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, Arizona, because my middle name is Templeton and my parents call me Tempe.

How do you order your steak?
Very rare.

What’s your drink?
CapriSun, “Pacific Cooler.” I buy it in bulk. Or Goose Island Kilgubbin Red Ale.

Use two words to describe yourself in high school.
“Awkward mess.”

When it comes to dates, what’s your secret weapon?
My cooking or my pro hockey knowledge.

What song would you sing if you were forced to do karaoke?
Something by Shirley Bassey, maybe “Diamonds Are Forever.”


Deep dish or thin crust?
Deep dish.

Describe your exercise routine.
Lugging my DJ equipment around.

Favorite time of day?
11 p.m. to about 3 a.m.

Morning person or night owl?
Night owl.

How much do you tip?
20 percent.

Favorite bar in Chicago?
The Hideout.

I own too many . . .
Socks. I kind of collect them. I have them for every holiday/season/animal imaginable. Or shark paraphernalia. I love sharks.

What color is your bathroom?
White with gray marble.

Bad habit you wish you could break?
Thinking out loud.

Ever been skinny-dipping?
Kind of. I had a shirt on.

I could not date someone who . . .
Is a negative Nancy. Whiners are drama. No, thanks.

Cubs or White Sox?
White Sox.

My idea of a perfect vacation is . . .
A good book and an empty beach, preferably in Australia or Hawaii.

What’s on your nightstand right now?
Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton, and Neutrogena body lotion.

Last movie you LOVED?

Favorite meal?
Rice Krispies treats.

If you could have dinner with three living people, who would they be?
Björk, Kurt Vonnegut, and Trey Parker, the creator of “South Park.”

What’s a fun fact about you?
I have a level 60 Undead Shadow Priest on World of Warcraft.

Guilty pleasure?
Frosting and rainbow sprinkles, together if possible.

How much was your last haircut?
Free; I cut my own hair.

At which store would you max out your credit card?

I can’t stand people who . . .
Use big words incorrectly or use big words in e-mail and don’t spell them correctly.

What do you do when you’re bored?
Read or paint or play music.

If money were no object, I’d go back to school and become . . .
A teacher of classical studies like ancient Roman or Greek civilization.


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