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Jessica Wolfrum

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Jessica Wolfrum, 25
Professional dancer
Lives in: Uptown
Backstory: Wolfrum graduated from her hometown school, the University of Buffalo, in May 2002 and moved to Chicago three weeks later to join the River North Chicago Dance Company. “I’ve been very fortunate,” she says. “I packed up my U-Haul truck and, boom: I was this extremely nervous kid dancing with professionals in Chicago.”
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What is your necessary extravagance?

Favorite TV show?
Law & Order.

Favorite magazine?

Favorite Web site?

What CD is in heavy rotation right now?
Keane, “Hopes and Fears.”

Item of clothing you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?
Big butterfly hair clips.

Item of clothing you can’t throw away?
I have some really old leotards from ’92 or ’94 that have holes, and I still wear them.

How do you order your steak?
Medium rare.

What’s your drink?
Ketel One vodka and soda.

Use two words to describe yourself in high school.
“Happily gullible.”

When it comes to dates, what’s your secret weapon?
My knowledge of football, especially the Buffalo Bills.

What song would you sing if you were forced to do karaoke?
“Heartbreaker,” by Pat Benatar.


Deep dish or thin crust?
Thin crust.

Describe your exercise routine.
My 9-to-5 job.

Favorite time of day?
Just after lunch, I’m a little giddier.

Morning person or night owl?
Night owl.

How much do you tip?
25 to 30 percent. I like to tip.

Favorite bar in Chicago?
Le Passage.

I own too many . . .
Books and CDs.

What color is your bathroom?
Dark blue and white.

Bad habit you wish you could break?
Apologizing too much, especially when no apology is necessary.

Ever been skinny-dipping?

I could not date someone who . . .
Drinks heavily.

Cubs or White Sox?

My idea of a perfect vacation is . . .
Traveling in Europe, especially Germany, since I’m almost 100 percent German.

What’s on your nightstand right now?
A little Buddha; pictures of me and my family; the Bible; The Words of My Perfect Teacher, by Patrul Rinpoche.

Last movie you LOVED?

Favorite meal?

If you could have dinner with three living people, who would they be?
The Dalai Lama, Michael Jackson, and Hillary Clinton.

What’s a fun fact about you?
My sense of direction. I have a built-in compass.

Guilty pleasure?
Cold Stone Creamery vanilla sinless ice cream, Gummi Bears, Heath bars, peanut butter, and cookie dough.

How much was your last haircut?
We [the River North dancers] get free haircuts at Art + Science.

At which store would you max out your credit card?
T.J.Maxx or Best Buy.

I can’t stand people who . . .
Judge other people.

What do you do when you’re bored?
Entertain my roommates. I’ll go in my closet and put on a crazy outfit. I have a life-size baby jumper, for example.

If money were no object, I’d go back to school and become . . .
A doctor.


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