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Kelly T. Williamson

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Kelly T. Williamson, 33
Database administrator
Lives in: Near West Side
Backstory: Williamson grew up in Edgewater and Chatham (making her the rare Chicagoan who can claim allegiance to both the North and South sides) and graduated from Dunbar Vocational High School. She studied kinesiology and pre-med at the University of Illinois, became handy with computers while working at Evanston Hospital, and now manages computer systems for a health care company. A self-professed “workaholic,” Williamson also owns seven condos in the Bronzeville neighborhood and on the West Side, and is drawing up a business plan for a multipurpose jewelry store, craft studio, and consignment shop.
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What is your necessary extravagance?
Electronic gadgets like computers, TVs, MP3 players.

Favorite TV show?
Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Favorite magazine?

Favorite Web site?

What CD is in heavy rotation right now?
Maroon 5’s “Songs About Jane.”

Item of clothing you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

Item of clothing you can’t throw away?
My Old Navy jeans.

How do you order your steak?
Medium rare.

What’s your drink?

Use two words to describe yourself in high school.
“Popular geek.”

When it comes to dates, what’s your secret weapon?
Picking a great restaurant.

What song would you sing if you were forced to do karaoke?
Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up the Sun.”


Deep dish or thin crust?
Thin crust. The thinner the better.

Describe your exercise routine. Walk on the treadmill for about 45 minutes, a few stretches, and then the steam room. About twice a week.

Favorite time of day?

Morning person or night owl?
I think I’m a morning person, but all my friends tell me I’m not.

How much do you tip?
15 to 20 percent.

Favorite bar in Chicago?
The bar at Pete Miller’s in Evanston.

I own too many . . .

What color is your bathroom?

Bad habit you wish you could break?
I’m a pack rat, mainly when it comes to reference material. If it’s printable, I print it out and keep it.

Ever been skinny-dipping?

I could not date someone who . . .
Has better hair than me.

Cubs or White Sox?
I’m a fair-weather fan of both.

My idea of a perfect vacation is . . .
Paris in the summertime.

What’s on your nightstand right now?
About four remotes, my MP3 player, and my digital camera.

Last movie you LOVED?
Something New.

Favorite meal?
Pad Thai.

If you could have dinner with three living people, who would they be?
Bill Clinton, Jada Pinkett, and Donald Trump.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I can touch my toes to the back of my head.

Guilty pleasure?
Watching Cheaters on TV.

How much was your last haircut?

At which store would you max out your credit card?

I can’t stand people who . . .
Have road rage.

What do you do when you’re bored?
Riffle through all the paper I have in my house.

If money were no object, I’d go back to school and become . . .
A game software developer.


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