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What They Wore

So what do you wear to the hottest singles event of the year? Our honorees showed up in their best attire, and we asked some experts to weigh in on their outfits.


Elisabeth Fourmont - Associate Editor at Chicago Fashion who splits her time between Chicago and Paris. Visit her fashion/personal blog at lacoquette.blogs.com.

Jessica Murnane - Chicago Marketing Manager for GenArt, an arts and entertainment organization that showcases emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists.

Cassie Walker - Senior editor at Chicago who edits a new style section that debuts in August.

PLUS: Find out how the singles party—what they like to drink and how they make an impression on someone they want to get to know.

Aimee Trottier


Bernard Berrian

Fourmont: Proof that sequins don't have to be tacky—they work because she kept the accessories very minimal and clean. Personal note to Aimee: those shoes belong in my closet.

Murnane: White Hot (and she knows how to pose)

Walker: Love the shoes. They really perk up a conservative ensemble.


Fourmont: I call this look "believing is magic." When you believe in your clothes you can get away with anything, even a shoe that curls up at the toe.

Murnane: Get your shine on.

Walker: Finally! A man who can accessorize!

Jason Ko


Erika Simmons

Fourmont: Yay! Casual-yet-pulled-together shirt! Yay! Excellent jeans! Yay! Overall good grooming! Men, take note.

Murnane: Cute and cas.

Walker: Is that a dragon on his shirt?


Fourmont: Foxy, flattering, chic; I'm assuming she designed her shirt (because it looks like a piece from her label Double Stitch), and she's a great model.

Murnane: Bon Voyage! Perfect fit.

Walker: She's wearing a knitted top of her own design. And it is hot!

Susan Carlson


John May

Fourmont: Her dress is cute (very cute) and successful on her tiny frame. Just one quibble: matching your purse to your shoes seems a quaint gesture.

Murnane: Posh Beckham in the 312

Walker: There's one summer wardrobe staple: a great fitting dress. She's found it!


Fourmont: I actually sort of like this t-shirt, but we aren't in LA, ergo, I would rather see it at brunch.

Murnane: Stone Washed Revival

Walker: Um, a T-shirt? Oh well, at least he has a great-looking chest.


Photography: Esther Kang


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