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Stimulus Package

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From seductive bars to music to mash by—ideas to quicken the pulse, activate your pleasure centers, and enhance the mood for love 

Such a Tease »
Since its revival several years ago, Chicago’s burlesque scene has grown bigger and better...

Passion Plays »
We asked a diverse panel of local musical artists and experts to give us their can’t-miss soundtracks...

Bawdy Parts »
Salacious humor thrives in a somewhat rowdy, beery atmosphere, delivered by comics who’ve seen...

Naughty Bites »
Per the Food and Drug Administration, the very idea of an aphrodisiac is a fairy tale...

Skin’s Flicks »
As a movie buff growing up in Oak Park–River Forest, Jim McBride realized he possessed a gift...

Where the Toys Are »
In the early days of this millennium, a new generation of erotic boutiques emerged...

Seductive Bars »
We love our nightlife with a side of sexy—those watering holes where the vibe seduces...


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