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Adam Burish

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Right wing for the Chicago Blackhawks

From: Madison, Wis.
Lives in: River North
Resumé note: This season, Adam scored the Western Conference Quarterfinals series-clinching goal against Calgary.

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“My mom went home one day and said to my dad: ‘I’ve got to get Adam in hockey. It’s the cutest little thing. These kids put these little skates on; they trip over themselves.’ Needless to say, she doesn’t think it’s real cute anymore.”

“Growing up, I went to Greek Orthodox Church every Sunday. I was an altar boy. The only regret I have is that I wish I would have learned to speak Greek better. All I wanted to learn was ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and a few swear words.”

“I’m very, very proud of being from Wisconsin. When someone says, ‘You guys are all farmers,’ or, ‘You guys are all cheese heads,’ I tell them, ‘Sure, go look in my fridge.’ I’ve got blocks of cheese: Goudas, Colbys, Cheddars, all kinds.”

“If you ask my friends, they’ll say I’m a fun guy, that I’m easy going. But when I’m playing hockey, I’m a different person. I like to fight, I like to be confrontational, I get angry. But I leave it all at the rink. When it’s done, it’s done.”

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