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Jabari “Naledge” Evans

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Rapper in the hip-hop duo Kidz in the Hall, producer

From: Hyde Park
Lives in: South Shore
Education: Jabari was valedictorian of his senior class at Luther South High School and played baseball at the University of Pennsylvania.

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“When I applied to college, I rapped during the interview. I still wonder what they thought about that.”

“I’m a geek at heart. By the second or third or fourth time you meet me, you’ll be like, ‘He’s good at hiding his geekiness.’ But in a room full of nerds, I’m the most edgy. That’s probably my angle.”

“What impresses me? The ability to look graceful while doing five to six different tasks all at once. The most impressive thing a woman can do is be multifaceted.”

“I picked up a lot of superstitions playing baseball. For example, I take a shot of Jack Daniels before every [concert]. Not because I like Jack Daniels, but it’s what I took before we had our record showcase, which got us our record deal.”

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