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Laura Schwartz

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TV commentator (CBS’s
The Early Show, Frost over the World), speaker, author, founder of the consulting firm White House Strategies
From: Plymouth, Wis.
Lives in: Gold Coast
Resumé note: Laura’s first book, The Networking Power of Social Events, debuts this fall.

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“Once you get to the White House [in the Clinton administration, Laura ultimately served as White House director of events] you serve the people. The White House is called, historically, the people’s house. And that’s something I remembered every day.”

“There are yes men everywhere. Some of those boys in the West Wing would just agree with anything. But if the president asked me something, I would tell him my honest opinion. Same with Mrs. Clinton.”

“I once dated this guy who ordered wine at a [microbrewery]. I broke up with him that night. I was like: ‘Who are you? I’m from Wisconsin.’”

“When I left the White House, I really didn’t know what I was going to do. After eight years of not having a life—it was a great life, but it wasn’t really my own; it was always based on two other people—it was really refreshing to step back. Here in Chicago, it’s not: ‘What do you do for a living?’ It’s: ‘What do you do for fun?’”

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