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Matthew Santos

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Folk-rock musician and two-time Grammy nominee for the song “Superstar” with Lupe Fiasco

From: Minneapolis
Lives in: Wicker Park
Bio note: Matthew thought he was Mexican until he was 10 (he’s half-Filipino, half-Swedish).

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“I’m a confidant. If someone has a secret, I can definitely keep it. I do my best to keep my promises, and I try not to make promises I can’t keep.”

“When I was really young, there were aspirations to be a superstar. We’re talking about a three-year-old kid in tighty whities dancing to ‘Dancing on the Ceiling.’”

“What would make my life sing? The more spiritual side of me would say finding oneness and acceptance in everything. If you accept something, it becomes perfect. If everything was perfect, then I think I would be pretty damn happy.”

“First kiss: I remember that I didn’t understand the concept of closing your eyes while kissing, so I remember very vividly what it looked like. It was also very surprising to feel a tongue in my mouth for the first time—besides my own, of course.”

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