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Nelly Carreño

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Weather anchor for Telemundo Chicago

From: Dallas
Lives in: Streeterville
Bio note: To date, Nelly has lived in 15 cities, including Austin, where she attended the University of Texas.

No e-mail available.

“Some people say I have a Texas accent. Some people think it’s a Spanish accent. Some people say I have a Valley girl accent because I lived in L.A. for a while.”

“I’m a poker player. I always played with my grandfather in Mexico when I was little. People see me at the table and think, ‘Well, here’s this little girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing,’ and that works to my advantage.”

“I’m attracted to people who are funny and who are not concerned about money. Men who talk about money are one of my biggest pet peeves.”

“I’ve learned to be more open when it comes to dating. You have to give people a chance. I’ve gone on dates thinking, I’m going to hate this guy, but sometimes it takes a couple of dates before a person comes out of their shell.”

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