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Sara Czosnyka

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Owner and designer of the hat company Process & Content

From: Jefferson Park
Lives in: Lake View
Bio note: Sara has her motorcycle license, although she rarely rides.

No e-mail available.

“I’m a good girl; I won’t do things that get me in trouble. But I still consider myself a risk taker. If someone presents me with an opportunity that’s off the beaten path, I’ll do it.”

“I’ve accidentally done some modeling. I get very stiff and awkward, but I try to roll with the awkward thing. I figure, if I contort my body in the most bizarre position, maybe it will look artistic.”

“To me, it’s not about how a person looks; it’s how they carry themselves. The more confidence someone has, the more extreme look they can go with.”

“I enjoy the energy of just being around people, even if they’re being bizarre. It kind of revitalizes me.”

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