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Sebrina Brewster

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Senior manager of public and media relations for the Chicago Bulls

From: Gray Court, S.C.
Lives in: West Loop
Resumé note: Sebrina has three NBA championship rings.

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“My values are still Southern. I still believe in family gatherings over home-cooked meals and Southern manners: men opening car doors and allowing a woman to walk through the door first.”

“What I lived for in college [the University of South Carolina] was going to the football games. Driving to Florida to see the Gamecocks play the Gators was the best thing I could ever do. When I tell most guys about it, they’re like, ‘Where did she come from?’”

“I have a hard time resisting people who are persistent.”

“There are only a few people I’m star struck by: Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jordan. Jordan is just mesmerizing. I’m mean, there’s a statue of him outside of the building where I work.”

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