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Stephen Westman

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Co-owner of the bars the 44th Ward Dinner Party and Angels & Kings, and the boutique Clandestine Industries
From: Park Ridge
Lives in: Lake View
Education: Stephen graduated from Maine South High School (Hillary Clinton’s alma mater) and DePauw University (where he played baseball).

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“What gets me fired up? When talented, charismatic, capable people have great ideas and don’t pursue them. I get so angry.”

“I think society is getting more inclusive and casual, and the whole velvet-rope, elitist sort of thing is a little dated.”

“If someone’s articulate, it gets me. I’m sold on conversation. It can make a marginally attractive person insanely attractive.”

“It took me two weeks working as an alternative advertising media buyer to realize I’m never going to wear a suit or work in a cube. No effing way. I had tears in my eyes every day as I went up in the elevator. It was like a jail sentence.”

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