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 Chicago’s shadow homosexual world of the 1930s was so well developed that participants devised their own cant. Professor Ernest W. Burgess compiled a “Glossary of Homosexual Terms.” Among them:

Auntie—Older queer, or one who acts old

Belle—Any homosexual person; one who is usually aware of his condition

Bitch—Term for homosexuals, usually among themselves

Blind—Homosexual traveling with a girl, or who marries to conceal his condition

Chorus moll—Type of young homosexual who is effeminate, uses rouge, lipstick, dresses foppishly

Dirt—Persons, often trade, who blackmail or rob homosexuals. Usually picked up in public places


Green—Homosexual who is ignorant of his condition; average person who is ignorant of homosexuality

Marjorie—Homosexual who is affected, flirty, very effeminate, “sweet and lovely”

Miss Lesbos—Term applied to lesbian girl

Party—Sexual act; usually involves fellatio

Tea room—Public toilet    

Trade—One who will permit homosexuals to have sexual relations with him, usually for money

–L. F.

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