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Sushi? Really?

Steak players reveal their favorite night-off haunts

"I eat sushi quite a bit. I really don't eat a lot of steak. If I'm going to eat a steak, I grab them here and take them home to grill on Sunday."
–John Hogan, chef/partner, Keefer's  

"I love the Delmonico at Chicago Chop House. Or the pork chop sandwich with extra caramelized onions at the little 24/7 stand on 31st and Canal. Gets me all excited."
–Rick DeLeon, chef, Fulton's on the River  

"I go to Joe's or Gene & Georgetti. Sushi is what I usually go out for: Sushi Maza in Vernon Hills."
–Rick Tramonto, chef/partner, Tramonto's Steak & Seafood  

"I'm a steak and potatoes guy. Morton's, Gene & Georgetti, Smith & Wollensky. And I've been going to Myron & Phil's since high school."
–John Colletti, managing partner, Gibsons  

"I enjoy the Chicago Chop House. I also enjoy Gibsons. Every so often, I like Japanese food. Mirai Sushi and Japonais."
–Hans Aeschbacher, executive chef, Smith & Wollensky  

"I don't eat in other steak houses. If I eat out, I go for sushi. I love Mirai."
–Susan Gayford, partner, the Chicago Chop House

"I'm a big sushi guy. Sushi Wabi is a good one. I like Roy's, too."
–Steve Coppolillo, executive chef, Rosebud Steakhouse  

"I frequent Yoshi's Café for the steak au poivre and sushi, or The Wilde on Broadway. Steak houses are too much like work."
–Sandy Beckett, chef, Pete Miller's  

"I cook a lot at home, whatever my kids will eat. They love steak."
–John Gatsos, chef, Tavern on Rush

"Believe it or not, I'm not a big steak man. I like the filet sliders at Lux Bar."
–Tony Durpetti, owner, Gene & Georgetti  

"I love Sai Cafe. I don't eat beef when I'm out because I'm a beef snob. Every once in a while, I forget and order meat and I'm usually disappointed."
–Rick Gresh, chef, David Burke's Primehouse

 "If I'm going to have another steak and I'm going trendy, I'll go to Nine. But I really like sushi. I could eat it every day. My favorite is Kaze."
–Paul Katz, corporate executive chef, Harry Caray's  

"I like Avec a lot. Probably send more people to Avec than anywhere."  
–Gary Baca, executive chef/partner, Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab  

"I go to barbecue places on my days off."
–Scott Schmitz, chef, The Palm

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