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September 24, 2018

222 W. Hubbard St.

Chicago, IL 60654

On Monday, September 24, SPLASH magazine hosted Fit Society presented by Mario Tricoci for 60 attendees at The Space Between. Attendees signed up for Fit Society and received an email announcing tickets were available two weeks in advance. Guests then purchased tickets while the location remained a secret. 24 hours before the class ticket purchasers received an email with the location: The Space Between, which is a brand new studio in River North. There were two class times and both were vinyasa flow yoga classes. The workout was followed by a healthy happy hour with wraps, hummus and quinoa from The Chopping Block. Michelob Ultra provided beer samples, mats, sweat bands and various giveaways to attendees. Mario Tricoci brought 5-minute manicures, hand massages, and cute travel giveaway bags. There was also plenty to rehydrate with, including Boxed Water, Bai antioxidant water, and Sound Tea. The next Fit Society will be held in December.

Studio Profile

The Space Between is a yoga experience designed to get you out of your head and into your soul. We are breathing new life into a beautiful, ancient practice through movement, music, meditation, breathwork and an elevated studio experience. Our flows are juicy, our guidance inspiring and our vibes high.

Our mission is for our students to leave feeling more alive than when they came in. We meet them in the space between where they are and where they want to be, in a place of self-discovery, on a quest for self-love. We give them the time and space to get out of their head and into their soul.

Step inside and come alive.

Click here for more information.

Instructor: Zacharias Niedzwiecki

Zacharias Niedzwiecki started his journey into fitness over six years ago when first starting college as an aspiring performer. While going about his day as a Chicago-based opera singer, yoga was the perfect complement to singing opera, but it quickly morphed from just an aid into a career. After moving to Chicago to start performing professionally and getting a 200-hour teacher certification, Zacharias is now teaching yoga full time. You can expect to have beautiful fluid flows on your mat, playlists that get you into your body and out of your head, and some dorky humor.

Party Pix

Photos by Ken Carl