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Introducing Chicago’s Newest Interior Design Agency, Homepolish

Homepolish founder and interior designer Noa Santos knew that it was past time for the interior design process to get an overhaul. So five years ago he decided to shake off the cliché of the stuffy decorator and break down an opaque industry to create something accessible, transparent, and simplified. Here’s how he did it.

Revolutionizing interior design

Noa Santos started at a classic high-end interior design firm and found the process riddled with ego, costly markups, and confusing processes for clients. His idea was simple: the interior design industry needed a redesign for the modern world. He set out to create a platform for interior design talent to grow their businesses and for clients to find top-tier talent and a seamless, end-to-end service that could fit into their busy lifestyles.

Hand-matched interior designers

To start, Homepolish lets you skip searching for the right designer for your needs. Fill out your project details and they’ll match you to someone who gets you, your style, and your project. Then the first date: an in-person, commitment-free, complimentary consultation.

“At the Homepolish headquarters, we joke that it’s similar to online dating,” Noa says. “Prospective clients log on and enter the basics of their project (location, budget, goals, preferred style). Our company Account Managers match these clients with a hand-selected designer. If after the complimentary consultation the match doesn’t fit, we’ll rematch to find one that does.”

Post-consultation the designer creates a project proposal tailored to your needs, including a recommended design fee with rates starting at $130/hr (varying by designer).

Full-service project management

But Homepolish doesn’t stop at just making a match with a well-suited designer. They provide project management, product ordering, and contractor services. The dedicated customer service team’s value can’t be understated: they place and manage all product orders, track shipping, and coordinate returns across hundred of vendors utilizing their preferred pricing. If the sofa comes in wrong, you don’t worry with it—their dedicated concierge team does.“Homepolish strives to take care of the arduous tasks involved in the process, so that the designers can do what they do best: design,” Noa says.

Chicago (and everywhere's) best interior designers

Homepolish stacked their rolodex with established talent, as well as fresh picks from the top schools and design firms. In Chicago, that means designers who understand what the the local clientele wants—and have a passion for working here.

In a city known for its stunning architecture, it’s hard not to get inspired. Couple that with the limitless options and designers like Carly Callahan have a hard time listing their favorite part of working in the Windy City.

“There’s so much: the diversity of clients and spaces and the great design resources,” Callahan gushes.

Our designers are excited, and you should be too. From Callahan’s classic with a twist style, to the crisp and friendly designs of Megan Born, Homepolish offers a bench as eclectic as the city itself.

Sound easy? That’s what we were hoping for: seamless, superior, end-to-end interior design.


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