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Invest in These Overlooked Features to Make Your Home Magazine-Worthy

When it's time to upgrade your home, you may be tempted to make big changes. But it turns out the most significant impact can be made through smaller, often-overlooked details. While the following home features are more known for function than fashion, giving them a little extra attention can be the difference between a home that's beautiful, and one that's fit for the pages of a glossy magazine.

window treatments

Window treatments

There’s no time like the present to cut ties with curtains and bulky blinds. Roller shades are sleeker than ever. Look for fascia-free styles — shades that don't need a box, valance or ceiling pocket—and modern hardware. (Think solid aluminum for an industrial, upscale vibe or custom color-coat your hardware to match window trim for a chic, monochromatic look.) Most shades can be installed inside your window jambs or against the wall, so they take up very little space and make rooms feel larger. Like the idea of automation? Motorized shades raise and lower at the touch of a button. Pro tip: Avoid invasive wiring with rechargeable battery-powered shades that last a year on a single charge.

cabinet hardware

Cabinet hardware

You could easily stick with the hardware you have — after all, any small utilitarian pull or knob can get the job of opening kitchen and bathroom cabinets done. But with so many unique options out there, why not try something new? With a wide variety to choose from, consider mixing metallic finishes throughout your home for an eclectic look. Try pairing brass drawer pulls with stainless steel appliances or satin black pulls with chrome fixtures. Or use knobs as drawer pulls for clean, minimalist appeal.



Change the entire feel of a room with new light fixtures. Upgrades range from electrically intensive improvements, like adding dimmer switches on overhead lights, to easy changes, like updating lampshades. From a function and fashion perspective, the best rooms feature multiple light sources (overhead lights, sconces, table lamps and accents). Lighting options can be used to set a mood while creative chandeliers and pendants add visual interest to a room even when the lights are turned off.

wall frames

Wall Frames

When displaying precious works of art or cherished family photos, it's easy to find simple, inexpensive frames. But rather than fill your home with off-the-shelf options, look to a professional for a truly elevated display. Pros offer colorful frames and a variety of matting options that can transform any simple print into a museum-worthy masterpiece.


Interior Doors

Exterior doors get a lot of attention, but interior doors can dramatically improve the look and general functionality of your floorplan. Pocket doors save space while providing a unique design detail. Sliding farmhouse doors offer a rustic vibe without taking up too much room. French doors add a dose of dramatic elegance. And painted doors (think bold dark shades or bright accent colors) are the easiest way to add personality to your home.

Ready to upgrade your window treatments?

J Geiger Shading is a full-service designer, manufacturer and installer of uniquely minimalist, motorized window shading systems. The company is best known for innovative roller shades that conceal unsightly wires and screws and eliminate the need for window boxes, valances, and ceiling pockets. Smart home compatible and battery-powered shading options are available. Request a complimentary design consultation or visit jgeigershading.com to learn more.

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