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advanced dermatology

Cancer Profile

Amy Forman Taub, MD, FAAD, and her partners, Anne Marie Leger, MD, FAAD, and Monika Kaniszewska, MD, FAAD, are leading the way in innovative dermatology in the greater North Shore and Chicago area. Advanced Dermatology is one of the top medical and cosmetic dermatology practices in the US. recognized for excellence in dermatological care and skin cancer detection as well as specializing in aesthetic dermatology, including injectable fillers and neuromodulators, laser surgery including resurfacing, noninvasive body shaping, laser resurfacing, treatments for acne scarring, and procedural treatments for acne, feminine wellness, photodynamic therapy, and cosmeceutical-grade skincare, Advanced Dermatology has two locations in the Chicago suburbs: Lincolnshire and Glencoe.

Advanced Dermatology is known for being a leader in skin cancer detection and prevention. Dr. Taub and her medical team specialize in thorough body checks, taking extra time in looking for any suspicious moles or lesions, which can be difficult to locate with self-examinations in the scalp and hard-to-reach body areas. Advanced Dermatology is a leader in skin cancer prevention with Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for treating actinic keratosis, as well as being skilled dermatologic surgeons for the removal of precancerous and cancerous moles and growths. In August 2018, Advanced Dermatology added Mohs surgery to its repertoire when Meghan Irene Morrow, MD, joined the award-winning team. Dr. Morrow is a board-certified dermatologist with additional fellowship training in Mohs micrographic and reconstructive surgery, cutaneous oncology, and laser and cosmetic surgery.

"After a brush with two skin cancers, Dr. Taub remains my front-line defense against an insidious disease. Her thorough examinations during my regular checkups are reassuring. I know that Dr. Taub will catch any development that I might miss. And she is there for any sudden changes!" —An Advanced Dermatology patient


Lincolnshire | 275 Parkway Dr., Ste. 521, Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Glencoe | 716 Vernon Ave., Glencoe, IL 60022

847-801-9811 | advdermatology.com

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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