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Simple Tips to Find More Joy in Everyday Life

Between demanding work schedules, hectic social obligations, hours of screen time and the overwhelming feeling of behind, our day to day routines are often full of more stress than joy. Fortunately, it doesn't take much to add more joy to your day. Follow these simple tips and you may find your days are filled with more happiness than stress — and isn't that what life is about?


Make time for yourself

Whether you're meditating, listening to a favorite song, writing in your journal, reading, exercising or just spending some time alone, carving out time for yourself — even 10 minutes — allows you to shut out the surrounding chaos and reconnect with yourself.

small things

Appreciate the small things

When stress feels too big, it can be easy to lose sight of small delights. But pausing to appreciate the little things in life — the smell of fresh-cut flowers, a beautiful view, and time with a treasured friend—can provide a moment of pure, uncomplicated joy.


Go outside

Ah, the restorative powers of fresh air. Breathe it in, and suddenly your mind is sharper, your mood is lifted and your body feels more alert. Spending time in the great outdoors can increase your level of happiness, creativity and enthusiasm. No time? Simply stepping outside for a few moments can quickly elevate your mood.


Laugh — a lot

Laughing releases endorphins, which make us feel lighter, happier and more joyful. So cue up a comedy on Netflix, seek out a funny friend, tap a hilarious memory or find another humorous source to provide a few laughs — after all, it's one of life's simplest joys.

food and drinks

Savor food and drinks

It seems we spend more time eating at our desks, or eating meals as we sprint from point A to point B. But taking time to truly savor delicious food — paired with a glass of wine — provides a small moment of sensory joy. No time to cook? Wine pairs just as well with your favorite take-out dish.


Surround yourself with joyful people

Joy, laughter and happiness are contagious. So when you can, choose to spend time with people who lift you up rather than bring you down. When you surround yourself with people who radiate joy, it will be easier for you to find it yourself.

help someone

Help someone out

From spending a Saturday volunteering to helping a friend move to simply holding the door open for someone, helping another person — whether it's a large commitment or a small gesture — not only offers an opportunity for human connection, but being kind and selfless provides a joyful boost.


Watch a sunrise or sunset

The array of beautiful, ever-changing colors splashed across the sky is a sight to behold, whether it's first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Carve out time in your busy schedule to take in a sunrise or sunset. You'll find joy in a quiet moment of jaw-dropping beauty while making even the biggest stress seem smaller.


Be grateful

Appreciating the people, places and things around you goes a long way when it comes to finding happiness in the everyday. Take some time each day to practice gratitude, and you'll discover your ability to savor the joy of life will increase exponentially.

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