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After-School Specials

From Chicago mayors to Academy Award–winning actors, DePaul boasts a long list of accomplished alumni. Here’s a sampling.


  • Michael A. Bilandic (deceased), former mayor, City of Chicago, and Illinois Supreme Court justice; J.D. 1949
  • Dorothy Brown, clerk, Circuit Court of Cook County; M.B.A., C.P.A. 1981
  • Edward M. Burke, Chicago alderman, 14th Ward; B.A., 1965; J.D. 1968
  • Richard J. Daley (deceased), former mayor, City of Chicago; J.D. 1933
  • Richard M. Daley, mayor, City of Chicago; J.D. 1968
  • Mary A. Dempsey,* commissioner, Chicago Public Library; J.D. 1982
  • Theodore Matlak, Chicago alderman, 32nd Ward; B.S.C.1 1987
  • John H. Stroger Jr., president, Cook County Board of Commissioners; J.D. 1965


  • Frank Clark,* president, ComEd; B.S.C. 1972, J.D. 1976
  • Paul R. Davies, chairman and CEO, Aon Re Worldwide; B.S.C. 1961, M.B.A. 1967, J.D. 1970
  • Richard H. Driehaus,* founder, chief investment officer, and chairman, Driehaus Capital Management; B.S.C. 1965, M.B.A. 1970
  • Jack Greenberg,* former chairman and CEO, McDonald’s Corp.; B.S. 1964, J.D. 1968
  • Sondra Healy,* cochairperson, Turtle Wax Inc.; C.A.2 1964
  • James M. Jenness,* chairman and CEO, Kellogg Co.; B.S.C. 1969, M.B.A. 1971
  • Andrew J. McKenna, chairman and CEO, Schwarz Co.; J.D. 1954
  • Patrick Moore, chairman, president, and CEO, Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.; B.S.C. 1981
  • Samuel K. Skinner, former president, Commonwealth Edison; former White House chief of staff; former U.S. transportation secretary; J.D. 1966
  • Daniel Ustian, CEO, chairman, and president, Navistar International Corp.; B.S. 1973


  • William J. Bauer,* senior judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit; J.D. 1952
  • Anne M. Burke,* judge, Illinois Appellate Court, First District; B.A. 1976
  • Robert A. Clifford,* principal partner, Clifford Law Offices; B.S.C. 1973, J.D. 1976
  • Philip H. Corboy Jr., partner, Corboy & Demetrio; J.D. 1977
  • Benjamin Hooks, former executive director, NAACP; J.D. 1948
  • Charles P. Kocoras, chief judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois; B.S. 1961, J.D. 1969
  • Ian H. Levin,* U.S. magistrate judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois; B.S.C. 1961, J.D. 1966

Media, Music, Theatre

  • Gillian Anderson, Emmy Award–winning actress; B.F.A.3 1990
  • John C. Reilly, actor; B.F.A. 1987 Orbert Davis, jazz trumpeter; B.M.4 1982
  • Linda Hunt, Academy Award–winning actress; C.A.1966
  • Paul Konrad, weather forecaster, WGN-TV Morning News; B.F.A. 1987
  • Samuel Magad, concertmaster, Chicago Symphony Orchestra; B.M. 1955
  • Karl Malden, Academy Award– winning actor; B.F.A. 1937
  • Joe Mantegna, Tony Award–winning actor; B.F.A. 1969
  • Geraldine Page (deceased), Academy Award–winning actress; C.A. 1945
  • George Perle, Pulitzer Prize–winning composer; B.M. 1938
  • Harry Porterfield, reporter, ABC 7 News; J.D. 1993

* DePaul University trustee
1. B.S.C. Bachelor of Science in Commerce
2. C.A. Certificate of Acting
3. B.F.A. Bachelor of Fine Arts
4. B.M. Bachelor of Music

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