Party Politics

Given the social set I usually write about, this may surprise some readers, but I’ve been hobnobbing with politicians my entire life. My dad was a state representative for 14 years (he’s now a circuit court judge), and his work took me to places like the governor’s mansion in Springfield, where we attended Passover Seders … Read more

The Superior Sex

The New York Times reported this interesting fact the other day: 51 percent of American women are now living without a spouse. That’s up from 35 percent in 1950 and 49 percent in 2000, according to the Times’ recent analysis of 2005 census results. My initial reaction when I read the article was, Woo hoo! … Read more

A Little Friendly Advice

When I last blogged, I had modern technology on the brain. Thanks to those who shared their opinions, including this practical poster: “I believe that texting is a proper form of communication when being used to convey short messages that are of little importance or simply casual conversation.” Another reader agreed: “The best is an … Read more

My So-Called E-Life

I don’t have TiVo. My DVD player doesn’t work. I don’t even subscribe to HBO. But I have unlimited text messaging on my nifty, new T-Mobile Dash smartphone, which is Windows-based and has built-in WiFi, should I need even faster Internet service when I’m on-the-go (which, often, I am). Although I’m challenged in some areas … Read more

Late Nights and The Apprentice 6

If I’ve learned one thing from writing this blog, it’s that you need to be thick-skinned-and thank God I am, because people will say almost anything in an open forum if they can remain "anonymous." Try spilling the details of your personal life with your name and face attached! In spite of a few nay-sayers, … Read more

Casual Sex

Since I last blogged, I’ve been pretty much partying non-stop. ‘Tis the season! To recap: Christmas Eve is a big night out for us Jews. This year I skipped the Retro Eve party at Enclave and headed instead to Rockit Bar and Grill’s slightly smaller Rockmitzvah, where my friend had a table waiting. I haven’t … Read more

Playing the Market

Let’s just get this out of the way now: At this point, the only way I may be seeing the doctor again will be if-God forbid-my disc herniates again! After our plans Saturday night fizzled, I haven’t heard much from the good doc. Was it my screw-up; was it his? In the land of dating, … Read more

Walk Like a Man, Talk Like a Man?

If you’ve seen the new film The Holiday, I think you’ll agree: Jude Law has never looked hotter! The movie was emotionally draining, too, which I loved; it takes a lot for me to laugh out loud at movies, but I found myself doing that and crying, too. The one part I didn’t fall for: … Read more

Playing in the Band

Posted on: 12.14.2006 12:13:36 PM Posted by Last Girl Standing – Sarah PrestonWhat a great response to my first blog entry! Thanks to everyone who posted comments. To the guy who chimed in about the potential “creepiness” of spilling all the details of my dates: You have a point. It’s definitely scary, and I’m toeing … Read more

The First Date

I’ve always been that girl who hangs out with all the guys. I love my girlfriends, but when the boys are watching football or going out to the clubs, I like to tag along. Sometimes hanging out with the boys is just easier-OK, and maybe since I’m single it fills that romantic-companion void. It’s like … Read more