Best CBD Dog Treats 2022 – Healthy & Tasty Chews For Pups Of All Sizes

CBD dog treats? Okay, so maybe you gave in to some of the dog toys you saw go viral on social media and maybe that memory foam dog bed is still sitting unused in the corner. But CBD dog treats? Yeah, right. At the rate your dog gobbles them down, it’s completely valid to hold onto some skepticism towards these newer dog products. But you have heard about CBD and how helpful it’s been for humans with cancer-related pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders, right? The scientific evidence is there and as humans do, we turned to our furry family members and decided that they deserve some of this goodness too. You can find several pet products that contain CBD, including CBD oil that you can pour into your pup’s mouth or sprinkle over her food. That’s an option but when the CBD is packaged neatly into dog treats, it takes the mess out of the equation. Plus, doesn’t your favorite running companion deserve only the best of the best?

The CBD treats for dogs we explore in this article are packed with nutritious ingredients, including superfoods in some formulas, to support your pup’s health. While some are for general well-being, others include specific ingredients to create targeted formulas. If your pup is having a hard time with mobility, there are CBD dog treats for that. If she’s an anxious pup and needs a little help calming down, there are CBD dog treats for that. If she’s into sweet potato, you’ll find a crunchy dog CBD treat she’ll love. More of a meaty treats type dog? There are roast beef soft chews she’ll devour! Brands have gotten creative—but unfortunately, some companies cut corners, slap a CBD label on a product, and try to get one over on you. We’ve made sure that won’t happen. We only recommend reputable brands that test their products so your pup can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD while savoring her favorite flavors.

Top 7 Brands for CBD Treats for Dogs

  1. CBDfx – Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Dog Treats
  2. HolistaPet – Runner Up
  3. Penelope’s Bloom – Honorable Mention
  4. Anxious Pet – Reputable Brand
  5. CBDistillery – Customer Favorite
  6. Petly CBD – Growing Reputation
  7. Extract Labs – Award-Winning

Why Did These 7 CBD Brands Make Our List?

We compiled this list of top options for CBD dog treats with you and your pup in mind. Finding reputable brands means ensuring they meet certain standards. To arrive at these seven brands for the best CBD dog treats, we considered several factors. They include:

  • Dog Approval
    A treat doesn’t cut it unless it has a dog’s paw of approval. We checked out the customer reviews to see what dog owners were saying about each treat and make sure they weren’t disappointed!
  • Clean, Healthy Ingredients
    CBD does wonders for your dog’s health and it’s even better when the entire formula is health-focused, including ingredients like superfoods to complement the naturally occurring CBD.
  • Company Reputation
    We only wanted to share companies that have a long-standing reputation in the CBD industry. Although we do love to try newer companies, we like to give a little time for a brand to make a name for itself before we go all-in with their products.
  • Product Variety
    Although some dogs will chew up (and swallow!) just about anything, there are those pups with a more refined palate (ahem, picky eaters!). We selected CBD dog treats with a wide variety of textures and flavors so you can find one that your doggo will salivate over.

Best CBD Dog Treats – Reviews

1. CBDfx – Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Dog Treats


  • 25% off your first order
  • Treats contain superfoods
  • 60-day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Human-grade and vegan


  • Two dog CBD treat varieties but only one flavor

About the CBD Dog Treats
CBDfx has two types of CBD treats for dogs, each with a specific formula. The first one is a calming formula for stress and anxiety. This bag of treats contains 450 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil with 15 mg of CBD per treat. Along with the calming CBD, these treats include mood-boosting L-tryptophan and GABA along with the calming extracts of chamomile, passion flower, and valerian root. These CBD pet treats are also packed with superfoods like blueberry, sweet potato, parsley, and spinach.

These deliver a nice crunch when your dog bites in—her tastebuds will immediately be flooded with a sweet potato flavor. Your dog won’t even know that she’s getting all the vitamins and nutrients she needs for better mental well-being and better physical health. If your pup has a hard time with anxiety, whether situational or chronic or if she just needs a little something to relax at the end of the night and get to sleep, these treats with naturally occurring CBD will make your dog super chill.

The second variety of treats that CBDfx offers are joint and mobility treats. These also contain 450 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil per bag, which means 15 mg of CBD per treat. They’re human-grade, vegan, and packed with turmeric and other nutrients for better joint health. Additionally, this formula contains powerful antioxidants like blueberries, spinach, and parsley. They also have a delicious sweet potato flavor and are perfect for dogs that need full-body relief.

CBD alongside natural antioxidants and powerhouse anti-inflammatory ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid works wonders to lower inflammation and support damaged or reduced cartilage. These are super crunchy and delicious, and your dog will thank you with a happy tail wag when she’s able to move around more comfortably.

Why We Love CBDfx
We love CBDfx because of how committed they are to informing their consumer base. While some websites have limited information about their pet treats, CBDfx always goes above and beyond by not just explaining what’s in each treat, but also explaining what stress and anxiety looks like in your pet and what signs of joint and mobility issues look like in your pet. They always offer a wealth of information, so you can make sure that you’re purchasing the right product.

Aside from that, CBDfx comes to the top of our list because they have each of their CBD dog treats medically reviewed. Learn more about these pet treats from a veterinarian who has tried them for his dog. CBDfx covers every angle. They inform their customers, they offer medical reviews, and they make it easy for you to shop on their website. You can save up to 25% off your order when you use their special discount codes (they’re on the website—you can’t miss them!). What more could we want?

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2. HolistaPet – Close Second


  • Free shipping on all orders s
  • 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Three targeted CBD dog treat formulas
  • 100% natural ingredients


  • Currently, shipping is only available to US residents

About the CBD Dog Treats
HolistaPet offers three different CBD treats for dogs, each with a unique formula and with distinctive flavors. Their first formula is a calming relief bag of treats to reduce stress and anxiety. Contained within each bag are a total of 30 treats with 10 mg of CBD per treat. The flavor is yummy green apple and peanut butter, which is sure to suit any pup’s sweet craving and they contain chamomile and l-theanine to further support a relaxed mood. The 300 mg bag is standard for dogs between 20 pounds and 60 pounds but if you have a tiny dog or a bigger dog over 60 pounds, you can find a bag that has the right dosage for them.

The second type of treats HolistaPet offers are the heart and immune care treats meant to strengthen your dog’s heart and immune system at once. These have blueberry and sweet potato flavors and contain superfoods like blueberries and flaxseed. This bag is a wellness formula that also works to promote healthy coats and skin. With a combination of superfoods and broad-spectrum CBD oil, your dog will be protected against infection, sickness, and disease while she maintains a strong heart and a healthy immune system.

The third HolistaPet option for CBD dog treats is their mobility treats. These have pumpkin spice and cinnamon flavor and contain superfoods like turmeric and Boswellia. These are specially formulated to increase joint strength and reduce the discomfort and swelling caused by joint conditions or by surgery. They’ll help your dog maintain good joint cell structure and mobility, which means you’ll have a much happier and healthier pup!

Why We Love HolistaPet
HolistaPet comes in at the number two spot because they also focus on educating their customers. Their product descriptions are extremely thorough, listing the ingredients included in their formulas while letting dog owners know what the CBD treats work to mitigate. It’s evident they’re focused on your dog’s health and are committed to providing a variety of treats that alleviate a range of issues.

We also love that they offer free shipping on all orders and have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They stand by the best quality of their products so if pet parents aren’t satisfied with their CBD dog treats, all you have to do is reach out and you’ll receive a full refund without any hassle. That’s the kind of confidence we like to see brands project.

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3. Penelope’s Bloom – Honorable Mention


  • Now shipping to Canada
  • Three targeted CBD dog treats
  • Enjoy 10% off your first order
  • Bundle products and save 20%


  • Only one flavor 

About the CBD Dog Treats
We’ve been watching Penelope‘s Bloom grow and are excited that they’re now shipping to Canada as well as the US. Their treat formulas are all-natural, plant-based, and contain organic full-spectrum hemp CBD oil. They have a stress and anxiety variety at either 300 mg of CBD per bag or 600 mg of CBD per bag. These treats are formulated to give your pup some well-deserved peace of mind, especially during extra-stressful situations like visits to the vet, thunderstorms, and fireworks.

The second treat variety they offer is for heart and immunity health. These are oven-baked in small batches and are created with organic full-spectrum hemp CBD oil extract, powerful amino acids and antioxidants, and green tea extract. These are appropriate to give your pup no matter what life stage she’s in and they are also available in either the 300 mg bag or the 600 mg bag.

The final formula in Penelope’s Bloom line of CBD treats for dogs is specifically for joint and mobility support. These are formulated with turmeric root and chondroitin to increase joint strength, reduce pain and inflammation, and even help with preventive care. Again, these are suitable for dogs of all life stages and they’re available in the 300 mg and 600 mg bags. If you’re interested in purchasing all these CBD dog treats, you can bundle them up into a mix pack and save 20% when you check out!

Why We Love Penelope’s Bloom
Penelope‘s Bloom deserves an honorable mention because this company was created by fellow pet owners. Focused on their French bulldog’s health, they came to realize that CBD products on the market weren’t cutting it for their standards. Instead, they decided to create a line of CBD pet products that can be trusted. They’ve partnered with the highest quality hemp company in order to bring their human-grade, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and organic full-spectrum hemp CBD pet products straight into your home where your beloved companion lives alongside you.

Their commitment lays on a foundation of making an impact, both in the lives of pets and on the planet. You’ll notice that their packaging is made with recycled materials because they know every small effort makes a difference. They also only use eco-conscious ingredients for a healthy and happy pet and healthy and happy earth. Any time you purchase from Penelope‘s Bloom, a portion of the proceeds go to a nonprofit organization that supports animals across the country. Who wouldn’t want to support such an awesome company?

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4. Anxious Pet – Anxiety Focused


  • Treats are soft chews 
  • Enjoy free shipping on all orders
  • Two targeted formulas
  • 60-day customer satisfaction guarantee


  • No crunchy treats are available via this brand

About the CBD Dog Treats
The Anxious Pet offers soft chews which are especially beneficial for dogs that are older and need something a little bit softer to savor. There are two varieties including the relax and roll calming soft chews which come in a container of 60 soft chews with either a bacon or peanut butter flavor. Just as you encounter stressors on a regular basis, so does your dog. Dogs may show different signs of anxiety throughout their lives and how it’s expressed could be different depending on the dog. Sometimes it’s excessive grooming, sometimes it’s acting out by chewing up furniture or shoes, and sometimes it’s cowering and seeming depressed. With these soft chews, you can help your dog relax and enjoy her life again.

The other soft chews are made specifically for hip and joint support. These are only available in the peanut butter flavor but also contain approximately 60 soft chews per container. If you notice your dog is just not the same on her morning walks, during her playtime, or if you see that she struggles to get up the stairs or hop onto the couch, she may need some CBD support to help her with reducing inflammation and with pain relief. This formula also includes glucosamine and chondroitin alongside CBD to aid in the nourishment and lubrication of her joints, to support her cartilage and connective tissue health, and to boost her immune system, which has a fantastic effect on her overall health.

Why We Love The Anxious Pet
The Anxious Pet is an awesome company because all its formulas are created by veterinarians. This is how they know the perfect level of hemp CBD, antioxidants, and fatty acids to include in their CBD dog treats. They offer super-fast, free shipping across the United States on every single order, no matter how small. Just like they want to see a drop in the anxiety your pet experiences, they also want to make sure that you can shop stress-free. That’s why they give you 60 days to try out your products. If you don’t completely love them, they give you a refund without any questions asked.

The Anxious Pet is a small, hard-working company that is completely devoted to helping pets feel better. Just like you, they want your pup to live a happy and peaceful life, so you can enjoy the best relationship with her. When you love your furry lifelong companion, their stress takes a toll on you. Their pain becomes your pain. The Anxious Pet recognizes that by helping to restore your pet’s health, they’re also helping you feel better. That’s why they created the solutions that so many customers love today.

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5. CBDistillery – Informative


  • Roast beef flavored treats
  • Two targeted formulas
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Subscribe and save 20%


  • The high demand for these dog treats means they run out of stock sometimes

About the CBD Dog Treats
CBDistillery offers two kinds of CBD dog treats. The first is mobility bites that contain 225 mg of CBD. These are formulated to support hip and joint health by increasing lubrication and resiliency. They come in a roast beef flavor and are soft chews, which means they’re great for dogs that need a softer texture. These CBD soft chews are appropriate for dogs of all ages, and they’re made in the US with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or synthetic colors.

The second type of CBD treats for dogs offered by CBDistillery is cognition bites. These also have a roast beef flavor and contain 225 mg of CBD per bag. These are perfect for regulating behavior because they support your dog’s brain health, nervous system, and overall mood. There are 45 soft chews per bag and these treats contain additional active ingredients like organic lions’ mane along with plant-based cannabinoids from broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Why We Love CBDistillery
CBDistillery has been making CBD products you can trust for over five years. Founded by a group of Colorado natives, they wanted to focus on creating hemp-derived CBD products that change lives. They focus not just on creating high-quality products but also on educating their customers about the latest industry research. You’ll find that they operate with transparency. In fact, they’ve created new labels that display the CBD content in each product as well as informational inserts that provide significantly more insight into what CBD is and how it helps your dog. You’ll also see a QR code on the packaging of the products you purchase from CBDistillery where you’ll be able to confirm third-party test results.

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6. Petly CBD – Specialized


  • Water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD
  • Natural beef flavor treats
  • THC-free CBD soft chews
  • Organically grown hemp


  • Limited product variety 

About the CBD Dog Treats
Petly CBD offers THC-free soft chews with a natural beef flavor that contain water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD oil. Each chew contains 2 mg of CBD and because they use water-soluble CBD, it’s five to 10 times more bioavailable than oil-based treats. These are grain-free, soy-free, and corn-free. Formulated by veterinarians, these soft chews are made from organically grown hemp and are meant to deliver a wealth of health benefits to your dog while having her begging you for more.

Why We Love Petly CBD
Petly CBD made this list because they treat their four-legged friends as members of the family. They have a straightforward mission to help pets live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. Focused on ensuring the highest quality, they offer all-natural certified THC-free hemp CBD products that are always free of preservatives and pesticides. They outline their process on their website to give customers an idea of how their CBD treats are formulated. From organic farming through lab testing, they break down their process to instill confidence in their customers.

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7. Extract Labs – Large Variety


  • 60-day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Certified vegan and cruelty-free
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil dog treats
  • Free domestic shipping on orders over $75


  • Limited product variety 

About the CBD Dog Treats
Extract Labs offers human-grade CBD treats that are undoubtedly delicious. They contain high-quality CBD and organic ingredients like oat flour, molasses, and oat bran. There is 300 mg of CBD per bag, and they have a biscuit texture your pup will do just about anything for.

Why We Love Extract Labs
Extract Labs incentivizes new customers with 15% off their entire order when they sign up for their newsletter, The Extract Echo. They offer free domestic shipping on orders over $75 and have a great story about one man’s vision. Extract Labs was founded by a combat veteran who wanted to explore the benefits of CBD alongside a committee of veterans. He started out of his garage and later, Extract Labs was born. Now, he operates a full company with employees that share a common vision to help people going through hardship with CBD products that promote healing.

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What Are the Benefits of CBD Dog Treats?

CBD treats are developed to aid your dog with a range of difficulties in addition to being mouth-watering delicious. Some treats have the purpose indicated on the label, while others are made for supporting general health. CBD works with your dog’s body in a variety of ways, and it usually addresses the concerns that are most important for her body to heal. CBD treats can help with the following issues:

Stress and Anxiety Relief
Dogs, like us, experience the unsettling symptoms of anxiety. Even humans, who have language, are sometimes unable to articulate the heaviness and distracting nature of these sensations. At first glimpse, you’re likely to notice your dog’s tense demeanor when anxiety spikes. She may hide, whine, scratch, or lose her appetite. When you know your dog, seeing her stressed and anxious can cause those same sensations in your own body. Although you can’t solve everything, you can make your dog feel a lot better by giving her CBD treats to help her relax and better cope with her stressors.

Calming Support for Improved Sleep
A lot of factors could be preventing your dog from sleeping well. It could be due to pain, which is always the worst, or she could be struggling to acclimate to a new member of the family or a new environment. You can give CBD treats to your dog to help her calm down, relax, and enjoy a more restful sleep. She’ll not only enjoy the taste, but she’ll also be able to enjoy some peace in a world of her imagination (where she’s likely getting more CBD treats!)

Hip and Joint Support for Improved Mobility
As your pup gets older, she’ll need a little help with her hips and joints, especially if she’s the type of breed prone to hip dysplasia. Larger dogs usually need all the support they can get and starting them early with CBD treats can be a form of preventive care. Similarly, if your dog suffered an injury, CBD treats can make the recovery process a lot smoother.

Pain Relief
CBD has so many benefits and its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects work wonders for pups that need help with pain management. If you’ve ever given your dog prescription pain medication, you know how loopy and uncharacteristic she gets. While these stronger drugs certainly have their place, most pet parents opt for CBD as a natural alternative to pain management for their fur babies.

How Fast Does a CBD Treat Work?

Generally, CBD treats start working within the hour. CBD oil is the most fast-acting of CBD products, but CBD dog treats are formulated to digest easily so your dog can experience fast relief. It also depends on the type of therapeutic benefits you expect. For issues like anxiety, you can usually start noticing a difference in the way your dog behaves within an hour or two hours. When you’re working on alleviating inflammation and reducing pain, it may take a couple of weeks for your CBD oil-infused treats to take effect.

Ultimately, treats with CBD oil function based on your dog’s unique body. How much your dog weighs, her metabolism, and the ailment that you’re working toward alleviating all play a role in how quickly dog treats with CBD oil work. As a rule of thumb, you can expect CBD oil-infused treats to take longer when working on chronic issues, while more short-term issues usually benefit from dog CBD more quickly. Feel free to pair CBD oil with CBD treats during the initial ramp-up phase when you’re working to alleviate a chronic issue.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

The dosage depends on three primary factors: your dog’s size, the potency of the dog CBD treats, and the ailment she’s dealing with. To start, follow the supplier’s recommendation based on your dog’s age and weight. Keep a close eye on her to make sure the CBD oil-infused treats are having the desired effects. You may need to adjust the dose depending on how your dog responds so keep an open mind and be flexible, especially during the first couple of weeks of trying dog CBD treats.

Are CBD Oil Infused Treats Safe for Dogs?

Yes, CBD oil is safe and even beneficial for your dog’s health. Investing in a good CBD dog treat can completely alter the quality of your pup’s life. The most important consideration when deciding on CBD oil infused treats for your dog is ensuring you purchase from reputable sources. The list above contains great companies that put a lot of care into the products they create. For dogs that are trying CBD for the first time, like with any new supplement or food, their tummies may need a little time to adjust. Some of the side effects your pup may experience include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness


With every small action, you make a big difference in the heart of that pup that adores you. Coming home early from work, inviting her over for a snuggle, and giving her a delicious, nutritious treat all make her life worth living. Whether you’re just looking for a health boost and preventive care of your pup needs a little extra tender, loving care, the treats we shared with you are sure to put a little pep back into her step.