Best CBD Vape Juice of 2022 – Discreet Relief, Tasty Flavors

You’ve heard all about CBD oil and other ingestible CBD products, but did you know that you can vape CBD too? It’s vapable but it’s not a CBD flower. Those strains can be very hemp flavored and also can smell a lot like traditional marijuana, which could bring up issues depending on where you live. We’re talking about discreet CBD vape juice that you can use with a disposable pen or with a refillable and rechargeable device. Not only do you get discreet relief, but you also get to enjoy a variety of different flavors that you’ll never tire of.

If you’re already a fan of vaping, then you know what we’re talking about. But if you’re new to vaping, we are here to share some of our top recommendations for CBD oil that’s made to be vapable that you can order today. We selected a variety of different brands that transform CBD oil into CBD vape juice and offer disposable devices and also rechargeable devices for vaping. Toward the bottom of this article, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions as well. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know everything you need to know about how to buy the best CBD vape juice for your needs.

Top 5 CBD Vape Oil Brands

  1. CBDFx – Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Vape Juice
  2. – Runner Up
  3. Just CBD – Worthy Mention
  4. Extract Labs – Product Variety
  5. CBDistillery – Informative

How Did We Select the Top 5 CBD Vape Oil Options?

When it comes to recommending the five best CBD vape oil suppliers, we had to get serious with our research. The following is what we looked for in our search.

  • Transparency
    A reputable supplier always offers transparency about their processes and about their products. You should see a full product description that lists ingredients and that provides easy access to third-party lab test results.
  • Reputation
    Reputation is another huge factor that we had to look out for. Today’s CBD market has tons of brands offering fly-by-night products and they’re not all invested in your overall well-being. A reputable brand takes care of their reputation and often, we come across award-winning products and great reviews by industry experts.
  • High-quality ingredients
    Along with the product description, you should have a clear list of all ingredients used in the CBD vape juice. After all, you’re inhaling the CBD vape oil into your lungs—you should know what’s going into your body.
  • Customer reviews
    Customer reviews are always a fun read. They fill in the blanks and give insight into the customer experience, from actually trying out the CBD vape juices to their experiences with the company’s customer service team.

5 Best Choices for CBD Vape Oils – Reviews

1. CBDFx – Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Vape Juice


  • Up to 25% off with code “chill”
  • Multiple flavors
  • US organic hemp source
  • Food-grade ingredients


  • Priced higher than other options; worth it due to quality

A Little About CBDfx
CBDFX has been selling vape juice bottles to customers around the globe since they started. They infuse their CBD vape juices with high-quality ingredients and unmatched flavor that is always pure and effective. They offer a substantial selection of different CBD E liquids that let you vape the way you love. Every one of their CBD vape oils starts with carefully grown, organic hemp that’s grown in the US with a 50/50 VG and PG ratio. They follow stringent testing through independent labs, so you always know you’re getting pure CBD and a safe product. The CBD liquid options are available in different concentrations and contain high-quality, food grade ingredients.

Available Vape Juice Products
You’ll find a nice selection of CBD vape oil products on CBDFx’s website and they also sell a vape kit and a vape cartridge so that you can get everything you need to vape CBD in one place. The potencies range between 500 mg of CBD up to 2000 mg of CBD with each juice flavor. They even offer a CBD terpene vape liquid that contains pure CBD isolate and is expertly crafted with unique flavor profiles.

Vape Flavors
Flavors are the most fun part of the vape selection process and with CBDfx’s CBD vape oil lineup, you have several different flavors to choose from. They have blue raspberry, fresh mint, strawberry kiwi, OG Kush for that earthy aromatic cannabis experience, pineapple express, wild watermelon, strawberry milk, gelato, and platinum rose.

Why We Chose CBDfx
CBD FX made our number one position on this list because they are extremely informative with their consumer base. Click on any one of their pages and you’ll see that they provide a wealth of solid information to help you understand more about their CBD vape juices, including the different ingredients that you should and should not see in your vape oil products. They list off the benefits of using their CBD vape oil and even explain the science of vaping CBD. Shopping online can get complicated when you’re looking for CBD products but when you have a company like CBDFX to turn to, your journey is made much easier.

Learn more at

2. – Runner-Up


  • 10% off first purchase
  • Wide product selection
  • Earn CBD rewards
  • Marketplace format


  • Free shipping available but you have to spend at least $100

A Little About is a little different from the other brands we mention here but they definitely deserve an honorable mention because of how easy it is to shop on their website. When you visit their website, you’ll see that they have a marketplace setup where they feature different brands and products. They provide a one stop shop for a variety of different CBD vape liquid choices. You can filter by brand if you have a favorite or you can look through the multiple pages of product listings they have available.

Available Vape Juice Products
Choose from brands like Alpine Hemp, CBD fusion, Koi CBD, and OG Labs. Here, you’ll find everything you need, from packs of CBD vape juices to single options all carefully packaged with their brand’s logo. They have a wide variety of different concentrations available as well, so if you prefer a lighter product, you’ll find one easily and if you’re into a higher concentration of CBD, you’ll also find something that works for you.

Vape Flavors
There are too many CBD vape oil flavors to count, but some of what you can expect include fruit monster, wild melon, mango, blue dream, sour diesel, lemon tangie, strawberry lemonade, and even strawberry cough. Whether you prefer the hemp flavor based on a specific strain or you love to indulge more of the fruity and sweet flavors, their wide variety ensures that you’ll find a product to love.

Why We Chose
We chose because they offer both flavored and unflavored CBD vape juices. We also like their unique marketplace set up, so that you can check out different products all at once. They also offer CBD cartridges, CBD vape kits, and CBD vape pens that you can check out all at once.

Learn more at

3. Just CBD – Worthy Mention


  • Multiple sweet and fruity flavors
  • Affordable prices
  • Third party lab tested
  • Pure ingredients


  • No naturally flavored options—these are for those of you who love flavor

A Little About Just CBD
Just CBD was founded to improve people’s lives from all over the world. CBD makes your stress more manageable and can also help you manage your pain. Just CBD is also GMP certified, and they use 100% natural ingredients made in the USA. You’ll never find any chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides and any one of their formulas. They also make shipping free on all orders over $35 throughout the US, which means you can shop without having to incur extra fees.

Available Vape Juice Products
Just CBD has a premium line of real CBD vape oils for sale—they give you a delicious and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Their CBD vape juice options range in concentrations from 100 mg of CBD up to 1000 mg of CBD. No matter which option you select, you can trust that none of their vape oils contain vitamin E and that Just CBD’s reputation demonstrates how committed they are to providing you with high quality CBD vape juices.

Vape Flavors
They currently have eight different CBD vape oil flavors, including pineapple express, OG, blue razz, blue dream, strawberry cheesecake, cookies, mango ice, and piña colada ice. With this solid selection, you’re sure to find one that you can make your favorite. Some CBD vape oil flavors are tangier and fruitier while others are more on the sweet side. Choose the ice options for a cooling sensation while you vape.

Why We Chose Just CBD
We chose Just CBD because they offer a great line of delicious CBD vape oil flavors. They apply the same care with their CBD vape oil as they do with their other CBD products—you get all the essential benefits with CBD vape oil made from the purest ingredients. They’ve formulated CBD vape oils that help you get your CBD doses in on a regular basis in a discreet manner.

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4. Extract Labs – Product Variety


  • CBD vape oil extracted in-house
  • Save 20% when you buy any four tanks
  • Private reserve American hemp
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Single use and non-refillable

A Little About Extract Labs
Extract Labs sells high-quality CBD distillate cartridges for vaping CBD. They blend their CBD with flavorful cannabis derived terpenes, which means you get a natural hemp flavor that’s unmistakable. They also offer an extract tank battery kit that you can purchase to use with their extract tanks and of course, if you’re not a fan of the hemp flavor, you can definitely select from a couple of different CBD vape oil flavors.

Available Vape Juice Products
There are a total of nine extract tanks that you can select from—all containing full-spectrum CBD vape juice. They each contain CBD alongside other beneficial cannabinoids from their private reserve collection.

Vape Flavors
You can check out Martian candy, which is an herbaceous blend of flavors that include hints of eucalyptus and a sprinkling of Martian dust. You can also try ogre berry that has notes of hops, herbs, and pepper for a flavor profile that’s both wild and familiar. If you want to go the fruity route, try their guava jam tank, which is a close cousin to gelato. They also offer sour ghost, God’s gift, blue dream, and El Jefe!

Why We Chose Extract Labs
We selected Extract Labs to recommend on this list because they offer two variations: the flavored private reserve extract tanks along with private reserve cannabis-derived terpenes for natural flavors and aroma. Each of their distillates incorporates a full-spectrum extraction that is then re-infused with cannabis terpenes to create those natural flavors consumers love in their vape oil.

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5. CBDistillery – Informative


  • Free shipping when you spend $75
  • Can use with most vaping devices
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Fast shipping process


  • Products sell out on occasion due to high demand

A Little About CBDistillery
CBDistillery sells only the highest quality CBD vape oil, always derived from non-GMO industrial hemp that’s grown in the United States. They use natural farming practices and their CBD juice products provide you with a quick and easy way to harness all the benefits of CBD while you’re on the go. You can revel in your smoking ritual while increasing your overall wellness.

Available Vape Juice Products
You can choose from different concentrations when you purchase from CBDistillery. They offer a 500 mg CBD vape juice that’s considered their original offering and they offer an extra strength version at 1000 mg of CBD. Each of these options is completely THC free and can be blended if you use any other PG/VG-based E liquids. All you need to do is add this CBD vape oil to your favorite device and enjoy the smoking ritual and the subsequent benefits.

Vape Flavors
As of now, CBDistillery offers CBD cartridges and vapes. Since vaping is considered one of the most efficient ways of delivering CBD to your bloodstream, CBDistillery focuses on providing CBD vape liquid that quickly turns into vapor and is drawn into your mouth for inhalation.

Why We Chose CBDistillery
We chose CBDistillery as the runner-up CBD vape juice on this list because they have an exceptional reputation. They were founded in 2016 by a group of Colorado natives and have grown into one of the largest, fastest growing, and cost-effective brands in the CBD marketplace today. They operate with high standards of quality, and they are transparent with their consumers. They take great care in each one of their processes, from where they farm, to who they use for third party lab tests, and finally to production. You can trust the quality of products branded with their name.

Learn more at

What is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD vape juice does not contain any kind of CBD oil. It’s actually a vape juice that is infused with CBD as its primary ingredient. Whereas normally you see the vape pens that contain nicotine, with CBD vape juice, you’re just swapping out the nicotine for the CBD. So, when you consume CBD vape juice, you’re vaping it just like you would any other type of e-liquid. Often, you might see that CBD vape oil and CBD vape juice are used interchangeably, but it’s important that you understand the distinction. True vape juice should not contain any actual CBD oil, otherwise it wouldn’t be suitable for inhaling.

CBD vape juice is an excellent way to harness the benefits of CBD instantaneously. It’s the fastest way to get CBD directly into your bloodstream – faster than CBD oil drops taken sublingually. By vaping CBD, you can experience immediate relief from pain, anxiety, or any other discomfort you may be experiencing. It’s really easy to use and portable, you can take it with you wherever you go and with just a couple of puffs, you feel the relaxing and relieving effects. You’ll notice that CBD vape juice comes in different concentrations the same way CBD oils and other CBD products do, so make sure that you select a vape dose that’s tailored specifically to your needs.

Additionally, just like with other CBD products like CBD oils, CBD vape juice comes in different forms. You can choose a CBD isolate product that only contains pure CBD, or you can choose a broad-spectrum version that contains CBD along with other cannabinoids. If you want a full-spectrum extract to harness the benefits of the full entourage effect, you can choose a full-spectrum CBD vape juice that contains CBD and other minor cannabinoids, including THC, to deliver stronger effects.

What Are the Effects of Vaping CBD Juice?

The best CBD vape juice offers several health benefits; much the same as other CBD products do. The primary difference between vaping CBD and ingesting CBD oil, a CBD isolate powder or CBD gummies is how quickly the effects come on and also how quickly they dissipate. For example, ingestible CBD oils take a longer time to digest into your system and deliver the relief you need, but the effects do last longer than a vape. Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference and need. For instance, you may normally turn to a CBD ingestible and use a CBD vape during the initial phase of waiting for the ingestible to kick in. It could be used to supplement or as a go-to when you’re out and about. A quick puff on your regular breaks throughout the day can keep you feeling calm and relaxed throughout the day. Some of the benefits of CBD include:

Reduced inflammation and pain relief
CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce pain and alleviate symptoms associated with chronic conditions like diabetes.

Nausea relief
Many chemotherapy patients experience nausea and vomiting. CBD can help to alleviate those symptoms and prevent further discomfort for patients undergoing chemotherapy. CBD interacts with the receptors in your brain that release serotonin, and it is known that this neurotransmitter is partly responsible for creating these symptoms. Whether or not you are dealing with chemotherapy symptoms or you suffer from mild nausea from time to time, CBD can be a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal for moments when your stomach is feeling upset.

Reduced anxiety
Most people deal with some form of anxiety on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s situational, meaning based on a specific task or important event, and other times it’s more chronic, which sometimes requires prescription medication. Since prescription medication for anxiety can be addictive, many people turn to CBD as a source of relief from their daily bouts of anxiety.

Sleep support
Since CBD offers a calmer mood and induces a sense of relaxation, many people prefer to vape CBD to help them relax and unwind at the end of the night rather than take drops of CBD oil to get to sleep faster and stay asleep through the night. CBD can have effects that create more of an upbeat mood and there are some CBD formulas that are meant primarily for helping to induce a sleepy state. Be sure to read product descriptions thoroughly to purchase the right product.

How to Use CBD Vape Juice

To understand how to use CBD vape juice you should understand how vaporizers work. Each vape has four main components: There is the battery that is sometimes disposable or rechargeable, the tank that holds the CBD vape juice, some kind of a heating element to heat the vape juice for inhalation, and of course the vape juice itself. Disposable products have everything included, but you can also purchase rechargeable batteries that you hold onto, and CBD vape juice that you purchase separately.

The battery inside of a vape is designed to power the heating element inside of the tank that holds the vape juice. As you inhale from your vape, the heating element goes to work, and you begin to draw out the vapor. The CBD vape juice travels very quickly to your lungs so that it can be distributed through your bloodstream. This provides the effects of CBD right away, unlike CBD oil or other CBD products where there’s some wait time. You’ll find that unlike the vast majority of CBD oils, CBD vape juice comes in a wide variety of different tasty flavors, so you’ll be sure to find one that works for you. You can stick with something simple like a mentholated option or you can go to town with blueberry, strawberry custard, watermelon, and more.

Disposable CBD vape pens are the easiest to use because they come ready for you to smoke right away. Just place the pen against your mouth and slowly inhale. If you’ve never vaped before, it may take you a couple of tries to get a custom to the vape pen but for the most part, it’s easy. Just take a couple of puffs (maybe five to 10) and then wait to see how you feel. There are also refillable devices and those can be a little bit more complicated, but not impossible. Just make sure that you have your battery charged, that your tank is filled and give it a couple of minutes (at least five minutes) to let the vape juice saturate your tank’s heating element.

If you don’t wait 5 to 10 minutes after filling your CBD vape juice into your tank, you might burn your coil! If you purchase a refillable device, it’ll take you a little while to get used to it and feel free to search for tutorials online. Often, the manufacturer has a whole set of instructions that you can follow so that you don’t risk ruining your new device.

Does CBD Vape Juice Get You High?

This is a question we get often. Although THC and CBD both naturally occur in the cannabis plant, CBD can actually be extracted and refined to be a CBD isolate or a broad-spectrum CBD product so that you can enjoy it without THC’s psychoactive effects. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil products contain other cannabinoids and beneficial natural compounds, and broad-spectrum CBD oil goes through a further refining process to remove all traces of THC.

This relationship of CBD to THC is the reason why most people think that CBD might create some kind of a high. That’s not true. It’s not intoxicating, and it doesn’t cause any kind of high. Rather, it’s more of a calming effect, the way that you would compare a chamomile tea to perhaps a beer. A beer is the THC that is intoxicating but CBD is more like a calming tea that has subtle effects and that offers relief without any foggy brain or confusion.


Vaping CBD is an enjoyable experience and when you combine it with the best CBD vape, you can vape CBD with high-quality, large smoke clouds that are as satisfying to watch as they are to exhale. This article covered a variety of vape juices for you to choose from with flavors that range from hemp, earthy, herbaceous flavors to those that make you feel like you’re enjoying a decadent dessert. With so many flavors to sample, which one will you try next?