Best Delta 8 Brands of 2023 – Top 5 Shops, Vetted Ingredients & Enhanced Relaxation

If you keep up with cannabis-related news, you know delta-8 THC is taking the market by storm. People can’t stop raving about this newly discovered chemical compound that makes them feel completely blissed out. Unlike traditional marijuana, delta-8 is available without a medical recommendation or prescription. Reputable suppliers are innovating and manufacturing some fantastic delta-8 products, including smokables and edibles.

Don’t trust the stuff at gas stations—when purchasing delta-8, go for premium products. The brands we highlight in this article have fantastic reputations, which means they’ve been producing awesome cannabis and hemp-derived products for years. Especially with something as new as delta-8, you should be extra careful about where you purchase it. Luckily for you, we did the digging and highlighted some of the best delta-8 brands with the best delta-8 THC products you have got to try!

Top Delta-8 Brands

  1. Cannabis Life – Editor’s Choice
  2. Diet Smoke – Runner Up
  3. Secret Nature – Honorable Mention
  4. Koi CBD – Growing Reputation
  5. – Large Selection

Full Reviews – Top Delta-8 Brands

1. Cannabis Life – Editor’s Choice


  • Delta-8 plus CBD formulas
  • Berry-flavored oils
  • Refer a friend, get $10
  • USA-grown hemp


  • Slight bummer because you must spend $75 to get free shipping (but honestly, you’ll find plenty you’ll want to buy)

Why Shop from Cannabis Life?

Cannabis Life was started to improve the standards surrounding delta-8 THC and to legitimize the therapeutic benefits of this new, buzzy cannabinoid. With Cannabis Life, you can trust that they know you deserve the best. Even if all you want to do is unwind, kick back, and enjoy the mild psychotropic high that comes with delta-8 THC, they want to make sure that you’re getting the absolute best products available on the market. You know brands can get shady and that reputable brands are hard to find. That’s why Cannabis Life wants you to have a company you can rely on and trust.

The delta-8 industry is booming right now, and it’s not exactly regulated in the way that some products are. As a result of this lack of regulation, you’ll likely come across some products that either don’t have the amount of THC they promise on the label or that are packed with unhealthy ingredients like solvents and pesticides. For Cannabis Life, that’s simply not acceptable. Instead of watering down their products with harmful ingredients or trying to fool you into believing a product contains more THC than it actually does, they have independent third-party labs test their products, plus they have partnered with licensed compounding pharmacists.

Keeping a team of these pharmacists on staff full-time demonstrates their commitment to being one of the best brands by maintaining the highest standards during product development and manufacturing. They also send all their products through independent third-party lab testing, so you have complete lab test reports to give you the peace of mind that comes with a high-quality, pure product.

They’re definitely serious about creating a new standard for delta-8 products and it’s not just because they love science. It’s because they use these products too. They’re developing and manufacturing products they love, and that they share with their friends and their family. Can you imagine the kind of pressure they’re under to produce high-quality products that they hand over to their loved ones? Cannabis Life cares a lot, and they want to do the right thing. Plus, they really want to build a brand that lasts and that fosters loyalty in their customers.

The Products You Must Try

Cannabis Life has kept its product list simple and targeted. They’ve created the perfect blend of delta-8 THC and CBD with their premium oils. You can select from drops that come in either half delta-8 and half CBD or with twice as much CBD as delta-8 for a milder experience. They chose to create a line of oils because that’s the product that’s more rapidly absorbed when compared to edibles like gummies or capsules.

Their delta-8 THC oil comes in a berry flavor and all you need to do is hold the oil beneath your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. Then, just sit back and let go. You’ll find that these oils give you better moments and with balanced bliss. The oil with a one-to-one ratio offers 33 mg of cannabinoids, half delta-8, and half broad-spectrum CBD. If you’ve tried delta-8 already and you love the effects, you’ll find that this blend delivers the perfect high. It’s made with a special base of five ingredients that are designed for a better absorption experience and the proprietary terpene blend delivers that sweet, unmistakable berry flavor, and also contributes to the entourage effect, which maximizes benefits.

If you’ve tried a delta-8 before and found it a little bit too strong for your taste, you’ll do well with the one-to-two ratio, which delivers 33 mg of cannabinoids: 11 mg of delta-8 THC and 22 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Relieve your stress, help your muscles relax, and experience pain relief with a blissful experience that only this one-to-two ratio of delta-8 and CBD can help you achieve.

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2. Diet Smoke – Runner Up


  • First-time buyer discounts
  • No medical card is required for purchases
  • Fast delivery options
  • COA is available through scannable QR codes on the package


  • Lower dosage
  • Does not ship to all 50 states

Why Shop From Diet Smoke

Focused on providing smooth, balanced delta-8 products that can be enjoyed by all, Diet Smoke is our runner-up for the best delta-8 THC brand. For nearly a decade, Diet Smoke has been a trusted resource for smokers looking for an alternative to traditional cannabis products that cause them to feel anxious or paranoid. Making their delta-8 products entirely from hemp grown in the USA, they are able to provide a consistently high-quality product that meets all federal guidelines.

Diet Smoke’s delta-8 products are available to anyone of legal age with no medical prescription needed for purchase. Simply log-in, select the product you want, and proceed to checkout. The site accepts all major forms of credit and debit cards.

When visiting the site, the first thing you will notice is the easy-to-navigate layout and clean design. Offering categories that inform, educate, and entertain, it’s clear that the Diet Smoke team wants their customers to have the best experience possible. By staying up to date on the latest industry news, they provide a valuable resource for anyone that wants to learn more about delta-8.

Their FAQ section answers all of the most critical questions about their products and purchase process. For questions not answered on the FAQ page, their customer service team is available via email, phone, and live chat to provide assistance or answer any questions about the product and company.

With all products third-party lab-tested for purity and potency, Diet Smoke is committed to providing customers with safe, high-quality hemp delta-8 products. Each package comes with a QR code that links to the corresponding lab report, so customers can view the results for themselves before making a purchase. If you haven’t purchased from them yet, you can easily access all of their lab reports online – no need to request them from the customer service team.

For those new to this reputable brand, Diet Smoke offers substantial first-time buyer discounts. For regular customers looking to save money, the company provides many subscription and bulk purchase discounts that can save up to 20% on orders.

Overall, the Diet Smoke team has created an enjoyable customer experience focusing on product quality and customer service. If you’re looking for a trusted brand that offers safe, potent delta-8 products, Diet Smoke is a great choice.

The Products You Must Try

Rather than fill a warehouse with products they hope will sell, Diet Smoke only carries a few select items that have been thoroughly tested and approved by their team – delta-8 THC gummies. While it may seem like a limited product selection at first, their focus on quality over quantity ensures that each and every product they carry is worth trying.

Diet Smoke’s delta-8 gummies are available in two flavors: blue raspberry and watermelon. Each has natural and artificial flavoring, among other ingredients that work to enhance bioavailability and maximize the effects of the delta-8 THC.

Both flavors of Diet Smoke delta-8 THC gummies are available in 30-count resealable jars. These jars help to preserve the freshness and potency of the 10mg gummies contained inside. The gummies are made with pure hemp-derived delta-8 THC and contain trace amounts of CBN. CBN, or cannabinol, is a hemp-plant cannabinoid that some studies have shown can act as a sleep aid.

While other companies may cut corners by using delta-9 THC or isolate in their products, Diet Smoke is committed to using only pure, hemp-derived delta-8 THC in their gummies – and it shows. As a result, these gummies provide customers with a clean, potent product that delivers on its promise of relaxation and stress relief.

Diet Smoke is known for affordable prices, with significant savings available by purchasing three or more jars at a time. Whether you are an experienced delta-8 user or this is your first time trying the product, these gummies are an excellent option for meeting various health and wellness needs.

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3. Secret Nature – Honorable Mention


  • Enjoy up to 20% off with code “flowersale”
  • New customers can trade their email for 25% off
  • 100% organic hemp flowers
  • No harmful additives or cutting agents
  • Tested by third-party labs


  • Products offered include smokables and capsules, but no edibles or oils

Why Shop from Secret Nature?

We love Secret Nature because they are all about helping you feel better. They have several different high-quality products that contain CBD and THC so that you can garner the benefits of each substance without any of the uncomfortable side effects usually associated with other types of medicinal interventions. They have been breeding and growing high-quality hemp plants for CBD products for over 10 years, and have recently expanded their product line to include delta-8 THC products. They want to be part of the new wave of cannabis that can enhance your lifestyle, instead of hindering it.

They use only the highest quality, indoor ground hemp, utilizing organic living soil and sustainable farming methods along with proper drying and cold curing processes. These efforts mean they produce the best flowers and extracts along with the smoothest, most flavorful smoking experience possible. They want you to experience real relief. Their flowers and extracts contain high levels of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, which deliver an entourage effect unlike no other.

Smoking has long been a ritual that helps to alleviate a variety of different symptoms or that can be used as a way to simply unwind and connect with your social circle. Many people enjoy smoking and delta-8 THC products provide a completely new experience for those who enjoy the smoking ritual. Secret Nature has over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry including plant cultivation, breeding, retail, and product development.

You can count on their California-based cannabis manufacturing process because their goal is to produce effective products and consistent experiences. Consistency is key when you select a reputable supplier of delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids. Since the 2018 US Farm Bill went into effect, the possibilities opened up for different manufacturers to make products like delta-8 THC widely available. Secret Nature has long been fighting for cannabis plants and continues to fight until they are completely freed from the shackles of propaganda and corruption.

The Products You Must Try

Secret Nature is a premium brand that offers several different delta-8 THC products like flowers, pre-rolls, capsules, and live resin. Their live resin contains cannabis terpenes, which provide your mind and body with exactly what you need to relax and let the stresses of your day go. This is a high potency distillate and it’s available in several varieties including OG Kush, mimosa, gorilla glue, and forbidden fruit.

They offer two pre-roll varieties that include super spectrum, which is a blend of fresh ground indoor frosted kush, CBG and secret OG buds. You’ll get an extremely smooth and balanced effect with this uplifting hybrid made with only organic ingredients – including the paper. Each container contains seven pre-rolls with 100% fresh ground buds. The other pre-rolls provide a balanced, flavorful, and smooth experience that allows you to relax, create, and enjoy. This is a relaxing hybrid perfect for when you want to get creative, be it with music, painting, drawing, or anything else your heart desires.

If you’re interested in delta-8 THC flower, you’ll love that you can purchase organic, greenhouse-grown CBD flower infused with pure delta-8 THC oil. Select from their secret OG, which has a pine flavor and delivers the effects of an indica, or check out their CBG option which is an uplifting sativa that contains 315 mg of delta-8 THC and has a sweet flavor.

Although smoking delta-8 THC is part of the fun, some people prefer to take their organic hemp extract via capsules. If that’s you, you’ll love that Secret Nature offers “flow” capsules, which have been specifically formulated with the highest quality organic ingredients to promote mind and body relaxation. Neutralize nervous energy and help to relieve any muscle tension while allowing for an open mind and creative thoughts with this rare-earth medicine.

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4. Koi CBD – Growing Reputation


  • Ask questions via live chat
  • Third-party lab test reports
  • CBD hemp flower plus delta-8
  • Variety of strains available


  • Due to certain state restrictions, Koi CBD is unable to ship to AK, AZ, AR, CO, DE, ID, IA, MT, RI, or UT.

Why Shop from Koi CBD?

Koi CBD is proud to be an integral part of driving CBD forward, joining organizations like the US Hemp Roundtable and the California Hemp Council. They source their hemp extract through a strict vendor validation process. You’ll find that all their products are produced using hemp grown in the US sourced from responsible growers that employ sustainable farming methods, which allows them to provide you with consistent quality in their premium products. Koi CBD is all about doing things better. They’re focused on “better practices, better prices, better education, better days, and better lives.” You have full transparency with Koi CBD because every batch of their products can be traced from start to finish with third-party lab tests to prove it.

It started with misinformation around the CBD market and now that delta-8 has broken through the market, Koi CBD wants to make sure they’re remedying misunderstanding by being ambassadors of responsible farming, extraction, and distribution. They want to make sure that you’re always getting the highest quality, safest, and most consistent delta-8 products on the market today.

They’ve developed a Koi Cares Program which provides a 25% discount on all Koi CBD purchases for military members, medical professionals, law enforcement, and financially disadvantaged people. If you happen to fall under any one of these categories, head on over to their Koi Cares page to activate your discount.

Koi CBD also offers a rewards program, which helps you earn exclusive offers and discounts every time you shop. All you have to do to become eligible for the rewards program is create an account to start earning. Every time you visit Koi CBD to shop for one of their premium products, you earn points. Once your points have built up to a certain amount, you can go ahead and redeem them for exclusive discounts. You can also earn points by following them on Instagram, Facebook, by reviewing a product, or simply by celebrating your birthday!

The Products You Must Try

Koi CBD offers “High Hopes” delta-8 THC infused products. Find out what the buzz is all about with any one of their incredible products. They deliver a powerful, uplifting effect that can make your days feel a lot lighter and a lot better. Users report a highly enjoyable experience, and the effects tend to be versatile and customized to the person who is consuming them. For some, it might mean the relaxation they need at the end of the night so that they can get to sleep and stay asleep. For others, it may be part of the prep time before watching a good movie or enjoying video games and others might use these edibles infused with delta-8 to manage pain. It doesn’t matter what you use it for, it just matters that you’re getting a premium product.

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5. – Large Selection


  • Amazing edible selection
  • Several popular items have sale prices
  • Multiple brands to select from
  • Easily sort by popularity


  • If you’re looking for oils or capsules, this shop is only stocked with gummies and other yummy edibles (for now!)

Why Shop from

If you’re at all familiar with cannabis products, you know has been around for years, bringing the goodness of cannabis and hemp products to your doorstep. They’ve had the same mission for years and that’s to provide as many people as possible worldwide with the access they need to use some of these amazing cannabis products. They recognize that you can’t just walk into convenience stores and purchase premium products, so they partner with the most efficient organizations that help them create some of their groundbreaking innovations. They want to focus on delivering products more sustainably and they’re also working day and night to create a positive impact in their communities. is based in Los Angeles, California and they have a team of writers, product specialists, and technologists who are all dedicated to continuing the growth of the company, to continuing to provide safe access to cannabis products, and to advocating for legislation of the industry, whether it’s for CBD products or THC related products.

As part of their growth, they’re looking forward to seeing how people get a chance to enjoy their lives without the stigma that comes along with cannabis products. They want their customers to use their products for whatever they need, whether it be for pain management, for navigating the symptoms related to anxiety disorders, chemotherapy, for better sleep, or just for enjoyment.

The Products You Must Try

On this website, you’ll find that they host a variety of different products from a host of brands, so you can get everything you need in one place. For example, you can pick up a delta-8 THC gummies bundle by Binoid that contains three flavors, including strawberry bliss, peach dream, and green apple candy. Each of these containers holds 500 mg of delta-8 THC and the gummies are vegan with mouthwatering flavors and clean ingredients. They deliver a nice high that’s subtle and long-lasting.

You can also satisfy your sweet tooth by purchasing a 3 Chi delta-8 THC chocolate chip cookie, which contains 50 mg of delta-8 THC. It’s a large cookie, so make sure you’re hungry and if you’re vegan, you can rest assured it is safe to consume. But seriously, if you’re not used to THC, don’t eat the whole cookie. Instead, start with just 1/4 of the cookie, see how you feel, and save the rest for later.

Another unique product that offers are Koko Nuggz fortified delta-8 edibles. Go all-in with a variety pack, which contains cookies and cream, runts, luckiest, and chocolate chip flavors. Each nugget is a cereal treat that’s covered in delta-8 chocolate. These are definitely a customer favorite, containing 50 mg of delta-8 THC per piece. Each container holds 10 servings.

To try more traditional products like gummy bears, you can check out CBD Pharm’s delta-8 THC gummy flavors like blue razz, dragon fruit, elderberry, or watermelon. These deliver a high dose of 25 mg of delta-8 in each gummy and when you take them, you will experience an uplifting and calming body sensation. They’re vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and all-natural. Just select your favorite flavor and enjoy the sweetest buzz!

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How Did We Choose Our Top 5 Leading Brands?

We took great care in putting this list together for you. Because delta-8 is such a new product on the market, you must know where to shop. Try to avoid convenience stores or gas stations for your products, and instead purchase from reputable suppliers. Below is what we considered when compiling this list of the best delta-8 brands.

  • Brand Reputation

When there’s a new product on the market, you’ll see a ton of fly-by-night companies pop up all over. These companies are just trying to maximize profits and aren’t exactly invested in the long term. Instead of buying from them, we selected top brands that have an established reputation in the CBD industry, and who have a mission, vision, and set of processes backed by third-party lab testing that are worth trusting.

  • Product Variety

Delta-8 comes in a wide variety of forms; you can have a chocolate chip cookie, you can have a cereal treat, you can try an oil, or you can stick with a smoking ritual, purchasing either a vape cartridge or flower. We wanted you to have a wide selection of products to choose from, so we made sure to highlight some of the products we recommend you try.

  • Happy Customers

No matter how clever the marketing, reviews – both negative and positive reviews – always tell the truth. The brands we selected and the products we highlighted in this article all come highly recommended by other users. When something is good, word gets out. And that’s why these brands and products made the list.

  • Affordability

Everybody’s budget is different, and sometimes it changes from month to month. We want to make sure that you have access to premium products at an affordable price, so we provided a variety of different items you can choose from with a range of prices, so you can find something suitable for your budget.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a compound derived from hemp plants that’s often confused with its close cousin, delta-9 THC. Delta-9 THC is the chemical compound that gives marijuana users a high and is heavily regulated. Delta-8 can be compared to delta-9 in that it comes in a variety of forms. You can vape it; you can smoke it, you can take it in a capsule, or you can have it in an edible. But the similarities end there. The high that delta-9 THC produces is intoxicating and for many users, it also produces anxiety and paranoia. For these reasons, cannabis has been regulated and restricted in some places.

Delta-8 is new, and research is still limited on this particular compound. However, there is a wide array of anecdotal evidence that users share to confirm the compound’s therapeutic benefits. Think of it as existing between CBD and traditional THC. It produces a calming effect with a mild psychotropic high that many users find euphoric and enjoyable. Some people use it to help them sleep at night while others use it recreationally instead of other, more harmful substances, like alcohol.

Like CBD, THC binds to your cannabinoid receptors, which is why when you take it, you experience a mild high. Since the existence of delta-8 THC in the hemp cannabis plant is much too low naturally, it has to be extracted and concentrated in high doses to deliver its therapeutic benefits. Delta-8 THC products are storming the market because they’re helping people with chronic pain, people with sleep disorders, those who need help dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment, and people suffering from the symptoms of mental health issues.

Delta-8 produces a natural, legal high that allows you to rest easy at night, unwind after a long day, and just have a good time. Whether you plan to use it for a specific purpose or you just want to use it recreationally, delta-8 can help to improve the way you feel and how you see the world and the people around you.

Benefits of Delta-8 THC

Since research is still in its infancy, you won’t find a lot of verified sources that explain the therapeutic benefits of delta-8. However, for now, there is a truly significant amount of anecdotal evidence to rely on. People who use delta-8 THC find that it helps to relieve their aches and pains and helps them sleep better. Since it’s a natural product that produces a mild high, many people enjoy the reprieve they experience when they use it.

Other people find that it improves their mental health. When you are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety and your thoughts dip into those depressive lows, a little euphoria can help reframe your thinking. Instead of intoxicating yourself with alcohol and numbing any emotions you need to feel, delta-8 gives you a little bit of space to breathe easier, without intoxicating you or numbing you out.

We are hoping that delta-8 studies will help to elucidate the health benefits of delta-8 but for now, you can take the time to read product reviews and testimonials of people who are using delta-8 to self soothe, manage pain conditions, and have a good time and connect more deeply with their friends.

How Much THC is in Delta-8?

Safety concerns are surrounding delta-8 THC, with reports of poison control centers receiving calls from people who have “overdosed” on the substance. However, delta-8 products that are legally sold from the best delta-8 brands contain less than 0.3% THC. Yes, delta-8 does produce a mild psychotropic effect, but it doesn’t send you into outer space. People who have contacted poison control centers have likely taken the product by mistake and felt overwhelmed by the sensation they weren’t expecting. For some people, their sensitivity to products like full-spectrum hemp CBD products and delta-8 makes them feel uncomfortable. It’s not for everyone.

If you’re someone who does enjoy a mild buzz, then you probably don’t have too many safety concerns. But if you are afraid of controlled substances, like traditional marijuana, you may not want to explore delta-8 products. In fact, some people worry that a drug test will reveal delta-8 THC in their system. It really depends on the test. Most tests only look for delta-9 THC but with the rising popularity of delta-8 products, employers may start requesting additional tests for delta-8.

Is Delta-8 THC Safe?

Yes, delta-8 is safe, but it has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Because it produces a significantly milder high than delta-9 THC, many people find that the therapeutic benefits are even better. Some people may enjoy delta-9 THC and use it for pain or soothing mental health conditions but may not like the impaired feeling that comes along with it. Instead, they rely on delta-8 to help them manage pain and manage their mood, without feeling like they’re on controlled substances.

The most important thing to consider is where you’re getting your delta-8 products from. Like we’ve mentioned, there are going to be companies that just want to make a quick dollar and who will sell you a product that may not have the delta-8 THC in it, that may have too high a concentration of THC in it, or that may be packed with fillers and additives. Instead of relying on poorly produced products, purchase quality products from reputable sources like the best delta-8 brands we listed in this article.

Finally, when considering the safety of delta-8, think about how you respond when you take a substance like alcohol or like marijuana if you’ve ever tried it. Are you ultra-sensitive to these types of substances or are you generally able to handle them pretty well? Know yourself and when you explore delta-8, do so safely, preferably in the comfort of your own home.

Can You Get in Trouble for Possessing Delta-8 THC?

Yes, under certain circumstances you may get in trouble if you possess delta-8. It really depends on the state you live in and those specific regulations. If you’re not up-to-date on your state regulations on delta-8, it’s time to do some research. Know when you’re allowed to possess it and when you’re not. Since delta-8 is new, laws and regulations are probably going to be changing over the next couple of months and years. It’s up to you to stay up-to-date with information on the legality of delta-8 in your state.

Get High-Quality Products from Reputable Brands

We love watching the hemp industry blossom because it means that more people are reaching out for natural support to feel better. When one person feels better, those vibes reverberate, and entire communities are impacted. We highlighted your top options for delta-8 and now it’s up to you to explore these top brands and their great products at your leisure. Let us know how it goes!