Best Dog Beds 2022 – Expert’s Top 5 Comfy Choices

Dogs find your scent comforting, and, especially when you’ve had them since they were puppies, always want to curl on your lap, in your favorite couch seat, and in your bed, enjoying deep slumber next to you. While it’s sweet and heart-melting, it can also be uncomfortable (and smelly) when they don’t have a dedicated space to call their own and are constantly crowding you during your leisure time. If you don’t choose from one of the best dog beds available on the market, you’re likely to buy something he won’t use. You may have heard of the Casper dog bed, but with such a high price tag, it loses its appeal.

If you’re feeling like it’s time that your dog gets his own space (while giving you some breathing room), the best dog bed is a great investment that gives him a place to curl into and rest easily. There are loads of dog beds available for purchase but not all are ideal for your pup. The best dog beds have soft materials, contouring that considers your pup’s favorite sleeping position, and they fit seamlessly into your interior (or outdoor) décor. In this article, we share our top five picks and help you select the best dog bed your pup will love.

Top 5 Dog Beds

  1. Furhaven – Editor’s Choice
  2. PetFusion – Runner-Up
  3. Best Friend By Sheri – Honorable Mention
  4. eLuxury – Orthopedic Dog Bed
  5. Frisco – Outdoor Bed

How did we choose these 5 best dog beds?

We scoured the net to find the best dog beds on the market today. To keep ourselves focused and unbiased, we put together a simple framework. It helped us find some solid picks. Below are the points we considered:

  • Real customer reviews
    Pet parents tell it like it is. When their dogs love a new dog bed, they rave about the purchase. We only chose dog beds that have four and five star ratings. While the Casper dog bed is a very popular dog bed with a great reputation, it doesn’t cater to pet parents with different budgets.
  • Style variety
    There is no one size fits all solution for dog beds. Each dog has his own way of sleeping and we chose beds that encompass different styles, so you can find an option that fits your pup’s needs.
  • Different price points
    We wanted to make sure you have some affordable options and some higher quality options for dog beds to choose from. Every budget is different, and we wanted to provide you with variety that gives you the freedom to choose and still feel like you’re getting one of the top dog beds, even if it’s not a Casper dog bed.
  • Support for all dog sizes
    There’s a big difference between a Miniature Pinscher and a German Shepherd, so we wanted to make sure you have options for any size dog.

Best Dog Bed Reviews

1. Furhaven – Editor’s Choice


  • Machine washable
  • Removable cover
  • Orthopedic foam
  • Recycled materials


  • Not recommended for pets with chewing behavior

What Verified Buyers Are Saying
Customers are calling this Furhaven dog bed “both dog and human approved,” since it seems to attract more than just dogs. Toddlers and even an adult pet parent have slipped into dreams while laying down and cuddling with their dog. Dogs have plenty of room to sprawl out, it’s thick and comfortable and offers an incredible value, considering the high-quality comfort it delivers (to all members of the family, apparently). The bed is ideal for dogs that love a bolster, whether it’s for a chihuahua or larger dogs, this bed is well constructed, offering whole body support.

Cost, Colors, and Sizes
The list price for this best dog bed is $53.99 but you save 28% when you purchase from Chewy for a final price of $38.99 for the large gray option. Pricing increases with larger sizes and decreases for smaller sizes. You qualify for free shipping when you place an order over $49.00, which means you can stock up on some chew toys or other goodies for your pup too! The dog beds are available in small, medium, large, jumbo, and jumbo plus. There’s an option for your pup no matter his size! Choose between espresso, gray, clay, deep pool, and almondine.

Why This Dog Bed Made Our Top 5
The insane value of this Furhaven dog bed is undeniable. Not only is it extremely affordable when compared with similar options, but it’s so comfortable, it creates a feeling of weightlessness for your pup. The three suede sides offer support and luxurious comfort while the open side makes it easy for pets to get in and out – an especially important feature for pets that have chronic arthritic pain. Your dog will love it and cleaning is made easy with the removable cover; it offers the ultimate convenience to help you keep it tidy!

Final Thoughts
The medical-grade orthopedic foam base makes this bed our top choice. The plush faux fur sleeping surface is so inviting, you’ll want to try it out yourself. If you choose a jumbo size, you’re likely to test it out and love it. Because the bed is expertly designed, it doesn’t matter how your pup prefers to sleep, he’ll find the perfect resting position snuggled on top of this ultra-comfortable best dog bed. Look for extra deals, like a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” option and try Chewy’s Autoship to save 35% on your first order. When it comes to best dog beds, this was an easy first choice.

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2. PetFusion – Runner-Up


  • Water-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Chew-resistant
  • Removable cover


  • Made in China but designed in the US

What Verified Buyers Are Saying
Customers have noticed improved mobility in their pets; in particular, one customer comments on how his aging dog, who suffers from degenerative myelopathy, is able to get up without the joint stiffness he was experiencing after sleeping on the floor. Another customer comments that her two bonded dogs sleep comfortably together on the extra-large bed and notes the overall product is well-made with strong materials. One 65 pound pup loves to dig into the material and six months after purchase, the best dog bed is still intact. High praises all around.

Cost, Colors, and Sizes
The large gray dog bed is priced at $119.95, with the small option priced lower at $69.95. Shipping is free since the purchase meets the minimum requirement and you can expect it to arrive within one to three days. The bed is available in two colors: gray and brown. Choose between the small, large, extra-large, and jumbo sized dog beds to suit your pup.

Why This Dog Bed Made Our Top 5
This best dog bed made our list because of its chew-resistant quality. It’s bolstered on three sides and toward the front center, with an opening that allows dogs to get in and out with ease. It’s constructed with memory foam for optimal comfort and the anti-tear cover can be easily removed and thrown in the wash. The memory foam base has a waterproof liner, which protects your floors should any accidents occur. Along with being comfortable and easy to clean, this dog bed provides joint relief, promoting more energy in your pup.

Final Thoughts
This dog bed is ideal for adult dogs and senior dogs, and small dogs as well as large breeds find ample comfort with the way this bed is constructed. The cover is made with polyester and cotton and the memory foam base contours perfectly to your dog’s body. The cover is gentle on your pet’s skin, and the zippers and liners are made by one of the world’s largest zipper manufacturers, YKK. Expertly combining convenience, comfort, and durability, this dog bed comes in as runner up on our list.

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3. Best Friends By Sheri – Honorable Mention


  • Machine washable
  • Soft faux shag for warmth
  • Raised edges
  • Orthopedic support


  • Self-heating, which means it’s not ideal for hot climates

What Verified Buyers Are Saying
One customer purchased this orthopedic dog bed so her small, 18 pound dog had somewhere soft and comfortable to snuggle beneath her desk while she’s working. As soon as she took it out of the packaging, he jumped right in and cozied up. The bed creates a feeling of safety for dogs and is ideal for pups who like to be warm while sleeping, especially when the weather gets chilly. Customers also love that it’s easily washable and recommend the bed to other pet owners looking for something soft, warm, and cuddly for their pets.

Cost, Colors, and Sizes
The size for small dogs has a list price of $34.95 but you save 31% with Chewy, with a final price of $23.99. You can choose between a small, medium, large, or extra-large dog bed and they’re available in two colors: taupe and frost. The bigger the bed, the more the price goes up; the extra-large option has a list price of $149.95 but with 13% off, you save $20.00 for a final discounted price of $129.95. After you meet the $49.00 threshold, one to three day shipping is free.

Why This Dog Bed Made Our Top 5
This dog bed deserves an honorable mention because it offers calming support for your dog. It’s plush faux fur lining is thick and shaggy, which is perfect for when the weather gets cold. When pets lay in this donut-shaped bed, they are immediately surrounded by the calming shag fur – it’s much like having a built-in blanket! Your burrowing pup will love the raised edges and its washer and dryer-safe design makes your life cleaning after your pet a whole lot easier.

Final Thoughts
If your pup loves the calming feel of donut-shaped dog beds and can appreciate the self-heating quality of the shag fur, you’ll have trouble getting her out of it once she hops in. The raised edges not only help to create warmth and safety, but they also serve as a headrest. The bottom of the dog bed is made with water-resistant nylon, which means your floors are kept safe should any accidents occur.

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4. eLuxury – Orthopedic Dog Bed


  • Reversible; best dog bed for comfort
  • Gel memory foam dog bed
  • Removable cover that can go in the washing machine
  • Durable cotton canvas


  • Sides are not bolstered

What Verified Buyers Are Saying
Customers rave about the durability, comfort, and firmness of this bed. One pet parent bought it for her 85 pound Doberman and to her surprise and relief, the bed has zero holes and tears even after six months of continued use by a dog that loves to chew and destroy every other bed she’s purchased! The bed offers sufficient support for a bigger dog yet it’s soft enough to gently contour and offer a cozy place to rest. Another customer considers it one of the best orthopedic dog beds for senior dogs because it provides comfort and relief for a good night’s sleep.

Cost, Colors, and Sizes
This bed is priced higher than some of the other options on this list at $140.99. You may qualify for financing that breaks the total payment up into smaller monthly payments. It’s available in small, medium, and large and comes in a variety of colors. Each of the colors are patterned-there is no solid color option. The smallest bed is 22” X 27” and the largest is 36” X 45.” Even the Casper dog bed doesn’t offer the kind of freedom to stretch that this bed does.

Why This Dog Bed Made Our Top 5
This orthopedic dog bed option made our list because it is a gel memory foam bed that provides an option for dogs that love to sprawl out while they snooze. It doesn’t have raised edges-rather, it lays flat on the floor, offering plenty of space for your pup to relax and get comfortable. The patterned designs are eye-catching, and you can use the dog bed either indoors or outdoors because of its cotton canvas cover. Cleanup is easy; just remove the outer cover, throw it in with the laundry, and easily put it back onto the memory foam pad.

Final Thoughts
Having a durable dog bed that can be used outdoors is a huge plus, especially when the weather permits for outdoor entertainment. Your pup can enjoy your company, breathe in fresh air, and nap on a comfortable gel memory foam pad while you entertain your guests. The pad is 5” thick, which provides even heavy dogs with plenty of support while they rest and recover from their daily activities.

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5. Frisco – Outdoor Dog Bed


  • Water-resistant
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Machine-washable
  • Elevated


  • Weight limit of 85 pounds for largest option

What Verified Buyers Are Saying
Customers and their dogs love this bed. Its PVC coated fabric makes it great for pups that are still potty training because it’s easy to clean. Another customer keeps coming back to this bed because it’s ideal for outdoor use and it lasts for years, even when the weather wreaks havoc on the frame. It’s great for keeping pets off the ground and helps them stay cool and comfortable outside. One picky pup wouldn’t sleep on it until a warm blanket was provided, so be prepared to provide a little something extra if your dog prefers a warmer place to lay his head.

Cost, Colors, and Sizes
This elevated dog bed is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. You can buy it in brown, terracotta, green, gray, or metallic gray – all great color options for outdoor environments. It’s very affordable, with the large size costing only $23.99. To qualify for free shipping, you may want to add a few more items to your cart but for how long this outdoor bed lasts, you glean a lot of value from a single purchase.

Why This Dog Bed Made Our Top 5
This dog bed made our list because it caters to your dog’s needs in outdoor environments. It’s extremely durable, which is ideal if you spend a lot of time outdoors, whether at home in your backyard or out in the wilderness if you’re a camping enthusiast. It’s very affordable, which only adds to its appeal and comes in a variety of colors to complement your outdoor décor. Having a waterproof option that is easy to clean comes in handy – you’ll never have to pick up a sopping wet mattress pad that you forgot to bring indoors on a stormy night.

Final Thoughts
The powder-coated steel frame of this dog bed offers durability while the PVC-coated fabric gives your pup a place to rest that’s comfortable and enduring. It’s a breathable fabric that offers comfort and support, even after extended use. Your pup can stay off the hot or cold ground and away from any land critters he may otherwise attract. Assembly is simple and it’s a breeze to clean, which makes it a practical choice for you too!

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What to Look for In a Dog Bed?

Like picking a human bed for yourself, selecting a dog bed is an important decision that determines the quality of sleep your pup gets to enjoy. There are several factors to consider when browsing dog beds before you make a final purchase.

Consider how old your dog is, how big or small he is, how his health is (does he require orthopedic support?), what kind of breed he is, and his unique sleeping habits. Aside from ensuring that your dog has a high-quality bed, you can also consider how the bed will fit into your overall decor. It should fit neatly in your bedroom or other room in the house, and blend nicely with your existing furniture and color scheme.

It’s always best that you get a higher quality dog bed over a lower quality one that will soon require replacement. This is a long-term investment that improves your dog’s quality of life. Just as you wouldn’t want to lay on a cheap mattress, your pup will avoid uncomfortable dog beds. To start, consider which shape best supports your dog’s natural sleeping position. You’ll notice that he has a specific preference. Look at the way he sleeps. Does he:

  • Burrow?
    If your dog likes to burrow into the blankets, enjoying a soft feel on the bottom with a cave-like environment that droops over his body? If so, he’ll love a cozy cave-style bed where he can snuggle in and get cozy.
  • Sprawl?
    If your dog loves to splay out and moves frequently to change positions while sleeping, he’ll love one of the large pillow-type dog beds that gives him room to stretch out.
  • Lean?
    Some dogs may prefer to have something to lean on, the way humans do when they use pillows. If your dog tends to find head support wherever he falls asleep, he’ll benefit from a bolster style dog bed or one that resembles a couch.
  • Curl?
    A dog that prefers to curl up appreciates the safety and comfort of his body surrounded by contours. This type of dog benefits from a bolster style bed or a donut bed that provides the encompassing comfort he needs for good sleep.

Once you know what type of dog bed you’re looking for based on his natural sleeping position, you can consider some practical features, like how easy to clean it is. For ultimate convenience, choose a bed that can easily be washed in the machine.

Don’t forget to take your measuring tape out. Measure your pup from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail when he’s taking an afternoon nap and then add between 8” to a foot of length to the final measurement. Always go bigger than smaller if you’re doubting the size. And before you place your final order, check to make sure the bed you’ve chosen fits well in the spot you’ve designated for it in your home.

How Often Should I Replace My Dog’s Bed?

Dog beds don’t come with an expiration date but there are a few details you can look out for throughout the life of your pup’s bed. On average, dog beds require replacement every 1 to 5 years, and that’s entirely dependent on the unique environment and personality of your pup.

To make sure your dog’s bed is a safe and cozy spot for him to rest and not a potential hazard, be sure to replace his dog bed whenever you notice any of the following:

  • Any kind of pest infestation
    Look out for pest infestations, including ants and spiders, fleas and ticks, and mites. Not only are these infestations uncomfortable and hazardous for your pet, but they are also incredibly difficult to get out of dog beds. In these cases, it’s best to throw the whole bed out. This will also prevent infestation in other parts of your house.
  • Noticing unusual illness or sudden loss of hair
    If your dog suddenly has a rash or has become ill, it may be due to bacteria in the bed. Aside from keeping the dog bed clean on a regular basis, it’s also important that you replace it if it has too much wear and tear.
  • Odors that don’t quit despite how often you wash
    Since dog beds are used frequently by pets who love a good snuggle, they may trap strong odors, despite the use of air fresheners and regular washing. If this is the case, it’s time for a new bed.
  • Physical damage, including tears
    If your dog loves to chew and scratch at his bed, it may develop holes and tears throughout the fabric. Loose strings may become a hazard and if the hole in the dog bed can fit your dog’s head, it’s definitely time to replace it.

How to Wash Dog Beds

There are two main types of dog beds and depending on which you purchase, there are different protocols for keeping them clean.

Removable covers
Dog beds with a removable cover are usually a breeze to clean. Check the label to make sure that it can be machine washed and so long as it can, you can go ahead and throw the cover in the wash. Before you do, make sure that you get any fur and loose dirt off the fabric with a vacuum. Use the highest temperature on your washing machine to kill any bacteria that may be lingering in the fabric and when you put it in the dryer, make sure you use low heat.

Non-removable covers
If your dog bed does not have a removable cover, you’ll need to hand wash it. Start by vacuuming the bed to remove any fur and loose dirt. Next, you’ll either want to use your bathtub or a large basin that allows full submersion of the dog bed in warm water. Soak it for approximately 15 minutes, using a non-toxic detergent. Use baking soda for a more thorough clean and to get rid of any stubborn odors. Once complete, wring out all excess water and take it outside underneath the sun so it can dry thoroughly.


What Are Common Mistakes Pet Parents Make When Buying a Dog Bed?

Since dog beds have certain stylistic elements that are attractive to human eyes, it’s possible that you choose a dog bed not based on what your dog wants, but based on your preference. That’s the first mistake you might make.

Your dog won’t be able to tell you verbally when something about the dog bed bothers him. But you’ll know he doesn’t like a bed because he won’t use it. To make sure you purchase something he loves, consider how the bed feels against his body. Texture is important. Choose something soft and cozy that doesn’t feel scratchy or uncomfortable against his skin while he adjusts himself for good sleep.

Make sure you get the right size too! If you’re not sure which size to get, always size up. Your dog should have full coverage when he lays down to sleep in his favorite position, without his feet or head hanging off the side of the dog bed.

You might think you can skip this step but it’s really the kindest thing you can do for your pet. Study how he sleeps. Make sure you have a good idea of his favorite sleeping positions as described above and choose a bed that supports him in that position. If he likes to lean, make sure you’re buying a dog bed that offers bolstered support.

So long as you’re thinking in terms of what’s best for your pet’s comfort and preferences, you can’t go wrong. Style, colors, and how the best dog bed fits into your overall decor should be the last consideration on your list.

Do I Need to Buy More Than One Dog Bed?

Not necessarily, but there are certain situations where this may be required. For example, if you live in an area where the winters get extremely cold and the summers are extremely hot, you may want to purchase two different kinds of dog beds for each extreme season. During the winter, your dog will love a nice warm plush bed but in the summer, he’s going to look for something that’s cooler and flatter, so he can sprawl out and cool off after a walk in the hot sun.

If you travel frequently, you’ll also need a portable travel bed. These types of dog beds are especially helpful if you have an anxious pup – it’ll help him feel more comfortable when he has a familiar place to curl into. You could also provide your dog with multiple areas to snooze throughout your house, especially if your home is large with multiple levels.


Your dog spends a lot of time snoozing. Choosing the right dog bed requires some careful thought and consideration. Your canine companion has his own preferences-and it’s your job to understand his needs. Especially when you have older dogs, they need extra comfort and support.

With a little guidance, you can select an option that your puppies or older dogs can fall in love with. No matter the age, your furry lovebug deserves the best.