Best Emotional Support Animal Letter Services 2022 – Certified & Affordable ESA Providers

When you’re battling an invisible disability related to mental health, it can feel invalidating when people don’t recognize that you need certain prescriptions, whether they be medicinal or whether it be a support animal. However, your mental wellness journey is all your own, and when you’re able to advocate for yourself and reach out to mental health professionals who understand your plight, you position yourself to better manage the symptoms of your disability. Whether you’re trying to connect with a new therapist and you reach a receptionist or you’re trying to connect with a service that allows you to obtain an emotional support animal letter, whoever you speak with can completely impact your day. One rude, dismissive person on the other end of the line can totally derail the progress you’re working to make.

For this reason and so many others, you must find a service that considers your mental and emotional state, offers compassionate support, and can provide you with an emotional support animal (ESA) letter in a timely manner. It’s also critical that you connect with a licensed mental health professional who can legally diagnose your mental or emotional disability and can vouch for your need for an emotional support animal via a well-written ESA letter. These letters can help you travel with your pet and can make the process of securing housing more straightforward. You shouldn’t have to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with separation from emotional support animals and that’s why we’ve selected the top three services that will take care of you from the moment you contact them to the moment you get your ESA letter delivered securely via email.

Top 3 Emotional Support Animal Letter Sites

  1. Certapet – Best Overall
  2. Pettable – Money-Back Guarantee
  3. Emotional Pet Support – Honorable Mention

Emotional Support Animal Letters – Top Sites Reviewed

1. Certapet – Best Overall


  • Over 7,500 5-star reviews
  • Free pre-screening
  • Print your letter from home
  • 100% federal and state compliant


  • Once you’ve gone through the process, the consultation fee for the telehealth appointment cannot be refunded

About CertaPet
Certapet devised a user-friendly three-step method to make mental wellness and care more accessible for people who need it the most. They know that a home just isn’t a home without your best friend and that traveling alone can be an anxiety-ridden experience. When all you want is to keep your emotional support animal with you to alleviate the stress of traveling alone or to eliminate pet rent and fees from landlords who only recognize your animal as a pet, you have a right to request a legitimate ESA letter. Following the completion of the online pre-screening test, you will be scheduled for a consultation with a registered mental health specialist who will be able to recommend an emotional support animal for your unique situation. You can acquire a copy of your emotional support animal letter through email or request a physical copy to be mailed to you within five business days if you are accepted.

This is an online telemedicine platform that got the Better Business Bureau’s Gold Star Certificate Award in 2020. Their approach to facilitating mental well-being is ground-breaking, increasing access to specialists across the United States and Canada. Their area of expertise is delivering professional assistance to clients seeking animal-assisted therapy as part of their normal treatment plans. Often, those suffering from mental health conditions don’t have access to regular therapists and may need assistance with certifying their emotional support animal as such. Many people still don’t understand the legitimacy of an emotional support animal and when a licensed mental health professional signs off on your need for one, it makes it easier for you to navigate housing and travel regulations. 

Certapet’s main purpose is to improve the living and traveling conditions for the millions of citizens who have little or no mental care solutions. They saw a gap where people could be helped dramatically via a simple process that connects them to a network of licensed mental health professionals. They guarantee that access is made simple since they are deeply committed to aiding those with mental wellness concerns. Certapet is accessible to residents of all 50 US states, and their solutions are also available in Canada. When you need a reputable service that has done its homework, simplified a process for your benefit, and has thousands upon thousands of happy customers, look no further than CertaPet.

What You Can Expect
Certapet’s approach for obtaining an emotional support letter is quick and easy. You begin by taking a free screening exam that’ll take you no more than five minutes to complete. This preliminary assessment determines whether you are a suitable candidate for acquiring an emotional support animal letter. You’ll know if you’re deemed a suitable candidate in less than five minutes, and the answers you provide are strictly confidential.

You are paired with a licensed mental health practitioner once you have been assessed as a good candidate for receiving an emotional support letter. This certified expert is located in your state and is immediately contacted to schedule a telehealth session with you. During the telehealth session, you will expand on your needs for an emotional support animal and the licensed mental health professional will confirm that you are, in fact, an ideal candidate for an emotional support animal using their expertise and screening tools.

The final step is to receive your emotional support animal letter, assuming you qualify. Your licensed mental health professional will also offer you a personalized treatment plan in addition to your ESA letter, which is added care you can enjoy as part of this process to better support you on your mental wellness journey. You’ll be able to print your letter from the comfort of your own home once it’s finished or you can ask that it be shipped to you, whatever you prefer and find most convenient! 

Why We Love CertaPet
CertaPet offers a highly user-friendly website, in addition to explicitly stating their three-step method. When you arrive at the homepage, you can choose to begin your free pre-screening test without any waiting period. This is super helpful if you’re up against a deadline and looking to acquire your emotional animal support letter without delay. If you have any additional questions, you may visit their blog, which includes breed-specific emotional support animal information, along with several airline-specific guides, to keep you well-informed if you plan to travel with your emotional support animal. 

With over 65,000 satisfied customers and over 7,000 5-star evaluations, this service has established a solid reputation, which is why it was easy to make them number one on this list. They’ve been featured in Forbes, Inc., FOX, and Entrepreneur Magazine, to name a few of the publications singing their praises. Every step of their process includes lots of information to put your mind at ease as you go through their simple procedure. They really understand their role as a platform that facilitates mental wellness support, providing tons of free education with a hassle-free process that’s welcoming for all new customers. 

Overall, Certapet simplifies and facilitates the procedure of obtaining an emotional animal support letter. Your little best friend can have the documentation he needs to remain close to you, even when boarding a plane for your next trip. Their staff is made up of professionally qualified specialists who have completed all board tests. Licensed marital and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed clinical professional counselors, and certified mental health counselors are among their licensed mental health professionals, which means the process and emotional support animal letters you receive are both federally and state-compliant. 

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2. Pettable – Money-Back Guarantee


  • Free pre-screening
  • Trusting by over 10k customers
  • Full refund if your letter doesn’t work
  • Fast and simple process
  • 100% money-back guarantee, no fees excluded


  • If you reside in California, you will need two consultations before you are deemed qualified for an ESA letter

About Pettable
Pettable considers its animals to be members of the family. They have direct experience with the therapeutic benefits of owning an emotional support animal, which is why they started the business. There’s nothing quite like people who are in the same boat as you—it brings a whole new level of understanding into the way they operate. They intend to connect people like you with licensed mental health specialists who are not only qualified, but have also prescribed ESA letters for housing and travel, where the regulations can get tricky. Their services are in compliance with federal and state rules, and they stay up to speed on new legislation to ensure they keep themselves and their customers well-informed.

Life is always better with a furry buddy, especially during stressful situations like travel, and everyone at Pettable is a pet owner, which means you’ll feel welcome and understood by their therapists and their incredible customer service team. When you’re separated from your pet—and you need them for mental and emotional stability—it feels very much like going off your medication cold turkey. You won’t have to worry about enduring a separation phase when you have a Pettable emotional support animal letter.

A legitimate ESA letter makes the difference between comfort and safety for you and your animal and the stress and anxiety that comes when an authority figure tells you you must leave your pet at home. Pettable operates with openness and compassionate service because they know their customer base well. They’ve teamed up with mental health professionals who have a lot of expertise with emotional support animals. They guarantee your satisfaction so you can feel comfortable trusting their service. If your ESA letter does not work for some reason, they will give you a full refund. They also make sure that the letter you get comes from a trusted therapist they’ve vetted before connecting you.

Their customer support team is ready to answer all your inquiries and give you an unforgettable experience. It can be nerve-wracking trying to get paperwork situated, especially when you’re suffering from a mental or emotional condition like depression or anxiety, and knowing that you have a compassionate person helping you through the process can bring greater ease to the process. Your consultation with a therapist is live, which gives you some reprieve from going at it alone, and Pettable has a transparent team that’s always there to support you and ease your concerns. They even offer legal assistance if needed!

What You Can Expect
All you need is three minutes upfront to get started with Pettable. You can consult with a therapist after completing a few questions regarding your personal needs. These questionnaires are simple and designed to be completed easily, with a few key questions helping Pettable to determine if you’re a good candidate for an emotional support animal. They ensure you don’t waste your time by having you complete this first step. Once they realize you’re a good candidate, they arrange for you to be matched with a mental health professional in your state.

The initial assessment consists of only a few questions that cover basic information such as whether you have a pet, your age, and whether this is your first emotional support animal letter. You are not required to already have a previous ESA letter to qualify for one via Pettable. They tell you what the next steps in the process are based on your answers. While some people who complete a questionnaire may not qualify, Pettable does its best to highlight those individuals who should be connected with a mental health professional for a professional opinion. Prepare to speak with a licensed expert in your state over the phone, and expect to receive your letter within 24 hours once the professional has confirmed you require a prescription for an emotional support animal.

Your therapist will determine your eligibility and present you with your completed ESA letter when your examination and consultation are done. The process is ultra-simple, requiring three easy steps—you’ll be guided along the way, so you won’t feel overwhelmed with the process. They’re straightforward, communicative, and work quickly to get you what you need and be on your way. You can anticipate receiving the letter within 24 hours after your therapist completes their consultation with you and you are approved for it.

Why We Love Pettable
Although you may require a speedy turnaround, hoping to obtain your legitimate ESA letter without hassle, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the provider before committing to utilizing them for your official emotional support animal letter. Pettable goes out of their way to reassure you by giving you a variety of information that will make you feel better about your decision to choose them for your letter. Click on the “our story” tab at the top of the page to learn more about Pettable and why they started their company. You can put a face to the name of the co-founder and CEO and learn about his passion for animals. You can also click on the “why us,” tab, where Pettable has taken the time to explain what makes them a solid choice for obtaining your ESA letter.

Pettable is run by people who understand how much of a difference a pet can make for persons with severe mental and emotional impairments. Although some websites leave you desiring more, Pettable takes the time to answer all your questions up front. Meet some of their selected therapists by scrolling down on the front page—you’ll see photos, their star reviews, and can read their short bios that detail their expertise. Also, be sure to check out the reviews from pet parents who have used the service. There’s always something comforting about hearing the ins and outs from someone who has walked the path before you.

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3. Emotional Pet Support – Honorable Mention


  • 100% refundable if not completely satisfied
  • Same day ESA approval options
  • Download ESA documentation in PDF format
  • Easy-to-navigate website


  • Please expect to pay for your telehealth appointment out-of-pocket, even if you have health insurance

About Emotional Pet Support
Emotional Pet Support is all about giving you and your emotional support pet a sense of security during even the most difficult of circumstances, whether it’s been the past two years that has affected your mental health, or you’ve been living with a life-long condition. They are passionate about animals that perform jobs for people with mental or emotional difficulties, and they understand that your pet is not just your companion on those nights when all you can do is toss and turn and during the days when you want to break down. Emotional support animals make a world of difference, and this organization has a single aim to facilitate the process of you getting the support you need.

You can have your emotional support animal with you no matter where you live, whether it’s in a condominium, apartment, or townhouse. This service wants you to have the right papers to show that you understand the Fair Housing Act. You can work with even the most difficult landlord when you substantiate your mental or emotional condition with an emotional support animal letter written by a licensed mental health professional. When you point to the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, landlords must abide by your request for reasonable accommodation.

You can begin your exam as soon as you arrive at their homepage. They have an informative video that can assist you with getting acquainted with your service, and you can discover their online questionnaire by scrolling down. The website interface is easy to use, displaying the information you need to understand upfront and easily ushering you into the questionnaire—you won’t have to click a lot of clicking to other pages, which is why we love this design.

You have the option of purchasing an emotional support animal housing letter combined with a PSD air travel letter, or only requesting an emotional support animal housing letter or a PSD air travel letter. They also provide an emotional support animal certificate that is emailed along with a mailed copy that is specifically for use when renting an apartment or securing housing. This is an optional service that might make the process of finding a home much easier. While in many cases, you may be fine with just the ESA support animal letter, purchasing all three may be your best bet to avoid any future issues and have all documentation on hand should it be required.

What You Can Expect
You may acquire your emotional support animal letter same day with this service. This is one of the best features of this service because when life throws deadlines at you, you have to know where to go for fast support. To begin, you must first complete an online exam. The online exam consists of a brief questionnaire that can be completed in a matter of minutes. This initial screening lets them know if you’re a quality candidate and once they recognize you are a good fit, they set you up with a licensed mental health professional. If you’re not pleased with your online exam after you submit it, you can request a refund right away and get your money back.

A licensed mental health professional will review your exam after you complete the brief questionnaire. During this step, you are not required to take further action. So long as you meet the criteria, you will be matched with a therapist who will analyze your responses and issue you with an emotional support animal letter. The final step is to receive an email with a secure link and access to your emotional support animal documentation in PDF format. Once you’ve received this secure link, you can access the document, save it to your computer, and print it out to have on-hand during travel.

Why We Love Emotional Pet Support
They have a short questionnaire on their webpage to get you started right away, which is great when you’re in a pickle. But if you need more information, they also have a blog that may help you learn not just how to better care for your animal, but also how to comprehend animal transportation legislation. If you love to read about emotional support animals, you will enjoy the content they’ve created to better inform their customer base. There’s practical information like creating weight reduction plans for your companion and fun information like discovering modern and versatile cat furniture.

Because of how fast they’ve made this process; this service earns our runner-up spot. If you need an ESA letter and are on a tight schedule, they will help you out with same-day approval. While our number one pick remains the absolute best service, we have to give it to Emotional Pet Support for streamlining this process in such an effective way. They have doctors available seven days a week, and you can request an electronic PDF to be sent to you via their HIPAA-compliant server.

For a straightforward summary of their three major plan options, just look for the pricing tab at the top of the screen. They list exactly what you get with each plan, and they also explain their three-step method on the same page, using easy-to-understand graphics and short, to-the-point explanations. They provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service for any reason—just be sure to request your refund within the 30-day period following your purchase. 

Learn more at

What Are Emotional Support Animals?

Any person who has had the pleasure of having a pet companion recognizes the many gifts that come with keeping a sweet, loving buddy around. Not only pets, they offer endless love, cuddles, and companionship, but they also lend their loyalty and devotion to seeing you happy. Although anyone with a pet can agree that they undeniably make your life better, there are some people who suffer from mental disabilities that need to have their pets alongside them, whether it be a dog, a cat, or another animal for them to function normally on a regular basis. It’s the same way many people take medication to function normally and to reduce the symptoms associated with a specific condition, emotional support animals serve those medicinal purposes in the form of a pet.

Emotional support animals are prescribed by therapists or other mental health practitioners and this designation is written out via an ESA letter. Not only does this emotional support letter help to validate the experience of the person suffering from a mental or emotional condition, but it also helps to alleviate certain processes, like finding housing. The Fair Housing Act prohibits any landlords from discriminating on housing based on any type of disability and when you present an ESA letter to a landlord, they must provide you with a reasonable accommodation to dwell in one of their units.

Just like the Fair Housing Act protects people with disabilities, you may also find that an ESA letter helps with simplifying travel with your pet on public transportation. Although the regulations did change back in December 2020 via the Air Carrier Access Act, many airlines still permit people with a mental or emotional disability to travel with their animal, so long as they have a valid ESA letter. Unfortunately, too many people took advantage of the leniency with airlines, and this change had to be made. Your ESA letter, however, does provide you with substantial proof that your pet has a special designation, and that you have been diagnosed with a mental disability that necessitates their presence.

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

It’s critical to realize that you must first be diagnosed with a mental or emotional disability that demands the assistance of an animal. In your state, the individual who diagnoses you must be licensed. There are a variety of different mental health professionals who can meet with you virtually, diagnose your condition, and assess your need for pet support. Once they have a chance to speak with you, your mental health professional can recommend an animal to help you cope with your limitation once you’ve received a certain diagnosis.

An ESA can be prescribed for a variety of ailments, including depression, panic disorders, trauma, learning impairments, Asperger’s, and even acute anxiety conditions. To get a diagnosis, talk to a therapist or other licensed clinician about your symptoms and whether an animal would be a good companion for your particular set of problems. In most cases, when you’re struggling with a debilitating mental or emotional condition, an ESA letter can easily be written because the benefits of having an ESA are astounding and undeniable.

After your telehealth appointment with a mental health professional, they can issue you a legitimate ESA letter that you can present to travel authorities or landlords. In most cases, the procedure is straightforward. You’ll first need to decide which service you want to utilize and once you do, you can go online and fill out a brief introductory questionnaire, after which you’ll be paired with a licensed clinician in your area. You can consult with the mental wellness expert online or over the phone once you’ve been matched.

The qualified clinician will analyze your symptoms and provide comments, including whether you qualify for an ESA letter, during the consultation. They make their assessments based on their expertise and they use specific screening tools to ensure you meet the criteria as put forth by The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which is the diagnostic manual mental wellness professionals utilize for this purpose. They’ll probably also give you some other bits of advice to assist you when it comes to coping with your symptoms before sending over your ESA letter. Many people find these telehealth sessions incredibly therapeutic, not just because they’re getting the validation they need with an ESA letter, but because they get a chance to share what they’ve been going through while speaking with a trained, compassionate professional.

You can either obtain your letter online and print it at home, or they can ship it directly to your home in some situations. The above-mentioned online providers have simplified the procedure of obtaining an ESA letter, which has impacted many lives throughout different parts of the world. You may even be able to get your ESA letter the same day if you qualify! Instead of waiting for your next therapist appointment, trying to find a new therapist in a new city, or trying to obtain affordable healthcare while in-between jobs, you can rely on a trusted service that sets out to help you with your prescribed animal, all while keeping the process easy and ultra-affordable.

ESA Letter Benefits

ESA letters come with a slew of advantages. They primarily assist you in completing your everyday responsibilities and managing your everyday stressors without having to worry about legal restrictions you may not have addressed. You may forget to consider some practical aspects of situations like relocating to a new house or traveling, especially if you are coping with significant symptoms of mental and emotional anguish. Just as you’re signing off on the last of the paperwork for a new lease, you may realize they’re attempting to charge excessive pet fees that you hadn’t budgeted for. Emotional support animals and your disability are protected by the Fair Housing Act, which means your landlord is required to reasonably accommodate your ESA. With a simple ESA letter sent over to the leasing office, your process of relocating is made significantly simpler. 

An ESA letter strengthens and legitimizes a certain aspect of your mental health treatment plan. Even though times have changed, and mental health is taken seriously on many fronts, some people may overlook a mental illness simply because they cannot see it. An ESA letter verifies that you have a mental health issue and that your emotional support animal has been prescribed to you as a means of emotional and mental support. If your landlord has a pet restriction clause or tries to charge a pet deposit or pet rent, simply provide your ESA letter signed by your licensed mental wellness practitioner. Although the Air Carrier Access Act did change how an ESA letter may work in airline travel settings, having one on hand still allows you to negotiate with the airline and make accommodations to take your pet on board with you, even if you do have to pay a fee. 

Having your pet close by, petting them softly, and looking into their sweet, innocent eyes can drastically transform your travel and relocation experience. An ESA letter permits you to keep your animal with you wherever you’re housed, which makes a sweeping difference in your quality of life. When you have an ESA letter, you won’t have to struggle with the crippling dread of being separated from your pet in these scenarios, especially when it comes to housing. Too many people, not knowing their rights, have been kicked out of their housing units for having pets, when in reality, those landlords were violating laws set forth to protect people with disabilities. An ESA letter solidifies your need for the support and offers you the legitimacy you need to move forward confidently, especially when securing new housing.

How Long Does an ESA Letter last?

After the date when they are first written, ESA letters are valid for one year. When your ESA letter is about to expire, simply repeat the process to obtain a new letter. You have the option of using the same service you chose the first time, or you can choose a different service. You’ll have to go through the same initial steps as everyone else, including filling out a brief online questionnaire, meeting with a qualified therapist, and waiting for your ESA letter. Since you’re already familiar with the process, you’ll find it’s a lot easier. It’s kind of like when you visit a new place for the first time, the trip takes a long time but the next visit, since you’re already acquainted and know what to expect, the trip feels a lot shorter. Make sure you finish this process before your original letter expires to avoid any gaps, especially if you know you’ll need to present it in the coming weeks. 


Emotional support animals are life-changing. For people who are battling with mental or emotional disabilities, the presence of another little, loving being means they’re better equipped to manage the symptoms of their disability. It’s about time mental well-being gets the recognition it needs and along with having mental health awareness plastered all over social media and textbooks, it’s time that emotional support animals are recognized properly. If you’re struggling with a condition that impacts your mental or emotional well-being, you’re not alone. And you certainly don’t have to go it alone when there’s a pet willing to love you unconditionally. Don’t hesitate to get an ESA letter for your lovebug—you won’t regret it.